Checkout these albums….

I’ve been immersed in these three albums, originating in Spain, for about a week now and I really love them. Whether late at night in a contemplative moment or driving, all three abums have given me a lot of pleasure.

I recommend you check them out at  All the albums are available at “Name Your Own Price”, so it’s free if you’re short of cash or you can throw a few quid/dollars/euros into the mix to help the label and ther artists.

Big up to “Amper Clap” for putting these out on bandcamp.


Checkout these albums….2015-11-11T11:18:24+00:00

TDZ#162… Higher Dub…..

Higher Dub……with tracks by…….Globular, Art-X, Higher Light, Jahpapu, Outovalo In Dub, Psyolopher, I Rebel, Kuriooki, T-Jah, Quanta, Sixtis, Atman Construct

TDZ#162… Higher Dub…..2018-04-20T12:44:35+00:00
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