1. Belly Full Of Sand And Oil, by Mujaji. London, England. [Jamendo]
  2. Medicine, by Ravi Avis. [Promonet]
  3. Marope, by Tango Fusion Club. Germany [PMN]
  4. Lamaset Miami Mix, by Jef Stott. [Promonet]
  5. Playboy, by Ourobouros 54. Bath, England.
  6. Standy’s Handout, by BiL. [Promonet]
  7. Sea Sand Stars Space, by Solaris. Northampton, England. [Jamendo]
  8. Charming Gun (Vibe Me Mix), by Artemis. [Magnatune]
  9. Never Comin Back, by Caned & Able. [Promonet]
  10. Piya, by MIDIval Punditz. [Promonet]

All the artists featured on this podcast have had permission given for me to play their work.

This podcast is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike2.5 License.