Not Drowning But Waving….

Google WaveSo, I’ve been invited by a fellow AMP member to join the Google Wave preview.

So, what is Google Wave?  Well, apart from an enormous drain on every’s time with yet another social network, most of the time people have told me to watch the hour-and-twenty minute-long video.

But the best description I’ve seen so far is…

Google Wave is, for the most part, a collaboration tool for projects. Consider it a board room of sorts.  A place to work on new files, ideas, brainstorming. It isn’t as much a social media tool as it is a virtual conference room.

Different projects can have different “waves” that allow various members of an organization or collective the opportunity to work as “committees”. And, you can branch conversations to others or work with specific aspects of a project in “private.”

Interesting times ahead…

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Google Logo Archive

Google ArchivesIf you like the logos Google use each day and think you might have missed one then have no fear because they’re all at

Strangely enough the one to the left isn’t in the archive (yet?)

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New beats from Budapest

Been checking out the latest offerings from the  Budabeats netlabel, which, unsurprisingly, is a label based in Budapest, Hungary.  Some seriously curious music coming out of this label, so be warned! The next PC Podcast may have the weirdness turned up to eleven!

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New Density Of Sound

If you’ve not made time in your schedule for Density Of Sound in your podcast listenings then can I urge you to start with DOS#34 which came out last week. Truly an excellent listen!

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PCP#285 … Stand And Deliver!…

PCP#285 … Stand And Deliver!…

PCP#285 - Stand and Deliver!

With tracks by… White Rabbits, Eclectek, The Soap Company, Dan Whitehouse, Fresh Body Shop, Juri-Jah, Burning Bright, Mammut, False Monea, Track A Tiger, Reverend And The Makers, We and Dem & The Blue Seeds.

[wpaudio url=”″ text=”PCP#285″]
  1. Percussion Gun, by White Rabbits. New York, USA. [The Musebox]
  2. We Are Going To Elecfunk Your Ass, by Eclectek. Lille, France. [Jamendo]
  3. If I Grow Old (The Soap Company Remix), by Dan Whitehouse.Wolverhampton, England.[Myspace]
  4. Need Some Glue, by Fresh Body Shop.Nantes, France. [Jamendo]
  5. Bass Transmission, by Juri-Jah. Russian Federation. [MotorLab]
  6. Aberdeen, by Burning Bright.Aberdeen, Scotland. [Black Lantern]
  7. Þorkell, by Mammut. Reykjavík, Iceland.[Ariel]
  8. Grilletes, by Falsa Monea. Madrid, Spain. [Jamendo]
  9. Don’t Let The Nightlight Dance, by Track A Tiger.Chicago, Illinois, USA.[Promonet]
  10. He Said He Loved Me, by Reverend And The Makers. Sheffield, England. [Myspace]
  11. Let Them Grow, by We and Dem. Zaragoza, Spain. [Jamendo]
  12. That Night In Amsterdam, by The Blue Seeds. Montreal, Canada. [Ariel]

I Felt The Bullet Hit My Heart

  1. Track A Tiger
    “Don’t Let The Nightlight Dance” (mp3)
    from “I Felt The Bullet Hit My Heart”
    (Deep Elm)

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I’m growing a Mo in Movember

Grow a Mo in Movember to change the face of men’s health

OK, so I’ve been challenged by Peter Chitheroe, over at Suffolk and Cool, to grow a mo (moustache) during the month of Movember (gettit?)  to raise awareness of men’s health issues, like prostate cancer.

I’ve grown a beard a few times before but always shaved it off before the month is out. We’ve started a little late, and with Podcrawl coming up in only two weeks (21st Movember) I dare say some of us will come up with some very poor efforts, but it will be a laugh and we’ll give it a try. No doubt there will be photographs as we go along and some serious p*ss-taking!

If you’d like to donate to the cause then click on the picture above or here! Many thanks.

Grecian 2000

Anyone got any Grecian 2000?

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Tweet and Podcast with

Just experimenting with for tweeting music files of up to 10Mb.

I’ve tried other services such as and in the past. offers you the ability to re-use your files uploaded from other places, such as libsyn, youtube or soundcloud. offers you the ability to upload a whole track and creates an RSS feed, but without podcast enclosures. offers you full podcast enclosures, so you can plug the feed straight into iTunes, but 10Mb is limiting for music podcasters. Would be great for those submitting audio for NaPodPoMo this year though!

Also seems a better option for non-Iphone users than

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Remember to take your soundpill…

Big thank’s to netlabellover over at twitter for telling me about, which is a new netlabel to me. This is what they say about themselves… is an electronic music netlabel which has been founded for distribute quality electronic music in several genres (ambient, space music, breakbeat, minimal, lounge, experimental, etc…). Download free our mp3 albums!
If you are an electronic music artist and you want to belong a fantastic community, feel free to write a mail to us and keep in touch!

Checkout the player at

Remember to take your soundpill…2018-04-20T12:47:13+00:00

TDZ#64… Firecracker Dub….

The Dub Zone #64 - Firecracker Dub

Firecracker Dub… with tracks by… Faya I, Bandulu Dub, Isaac Maya, Dubsynaticx, Rebel Zion, Earlyw~m, Dijelyo, Fingoonet & Juan Frenti.

  1. Dub, Dub, Dub, by Faya I. Italy. [ReggaeDubwise]
  2. Sea Of Love, by Bandulu Dub meets Isaac Maya. Minho, Portugal. [Fresh Poulp Records]
  3. Temple Dub (2004), by Dubsynaticx. Vienna, Austria. [ReggaeDubwise]
  4. Rebel Zion (dub mix), by Rebel Zion. Salt Lake City, Utah, USA. [Myspace]
  5. Fistful Of Dub, by Earlyw~m. Ontario, Canada. [ReggaeDubwise]
  6. Dub Etape 1, by Dijelyo. Rhône-Alpes, France. [Jamendo]
  7. Ending, by Fingoonet. Terville, France. [ReggaeDubwise]
  8. Dub Freecha, by Juan Frenti. Spain. [ReggaeDubwise]

This podcast is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License.

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Roots Ista Posse – Live & Direct Berlin’09

Roots Ista Posse – Live & Direct Berlin’09

Checkout this DJ Mix from the “Goodies” section of the excellent Fresh Poulp netlabel.

[wpaudio url=”″ text=”Roots Ista Posse – Live & Direct Berlin 09″]
Roots Ista Posse – Live & Direct Berlin’092018-04-20T12:47:13+00:00
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