With Tracks by… Nit Grit, Captain Chaos, Quarta330, InfraBuse, Muph, Gunga G, Desmond Denker, Blake Market..

  1. Invisible Monsters, by Nit Grit. San Jose, California. [Soundcloud]
  2. Dubious Squelch and the Naughty Cupboard, by Captain Chaos. London, England. [The Centrifuge]
  3. Asutata50, by Quarta330. Tokyo, Japan. [Phlow Magazine]
  4. Up & Down, by InfraBuse. Antwerp. Netherlands.  [InfraBuse]
  5. Frustration, by Muph. Belgium. [ReggaeDubwise]
  6. The Wiz, by Gunda G. Adelaide, Australia. [Groundzeroprojects]
  7. Dust Condition, by Desmond Denker[Enough Records]
  8. Double Supreme, by Blake Market. Montreal, Canada. [Acroplane Recordings]
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