TDZ#86… Gravitational Dub…

With tracks by… MakaRon, Solomon808, Tsunami Wazahari, Baby Arm Sound System, Yabass, The Manor, Tony Dubshot, Dubrifles, Trickstar.

  1. 2 Dub Champions Dub Fever, by Solomon808. Texas, USA..[ReggaeDubwise]
  2. Believe Yourself, by Tsunami Wazahari. La Rochelle, France. [Fresh Poulp Records]
  3. Hypnotic Stagger, by Baby Arm Sound System. Arizona, USA. [ReggaeDubwise]
  4. Wicked Gravity Dub, by Yabass vs The Manor. London, England. [ReggaeDubwise]
  5. Clint Eastwood Speaks His Mind, by Tony Dubshot. Leiden, Netherlands .[ReggaeDubwise]
  6. Pe Na Estrada, by DubRifles.Uruguay. [ReggaeDubwise]
  7. Lord Melody, by Trickstar. Australia. [ReggaeDubwise]

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