AMP Podcasts – 5 in Top 20

It’s nice to learn that not only did I manage to win an award in the European Podcasting Awards for 2010, but also 4 other members of the Association of Music Podcasting got into the Top 20 as well!  Big up to Justin Wayne, Grant Mason, Peter Clitheroe Rowley Cutler!

1 PC Podcast with Pete Cogle
5 The Justin Wayne Show – Independent Radio for Independent Music
Author: Justin Wayne
12 Three From Leith
Author: Grant Mason
15 Suffolk ‘n’ Cool
Author: Peter Clitheroe
16 The DarkCompass Metal Show
Author: Rowley Cutler
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  1. abdul December 30, 2010 at 8:18 am - Reply

    hey Pete, what happened to the dub zone? every time i go check you leave me(as well as thousands of other fans) hanging!! please, let us know if you’re not going to podcast so that we can control our disappointment in advance. you have a following now, i hope you understand that??

    congratulations on your award. you have had my vote long time ago. also hope you had a lovely holiday season and of course a happy new year. looking forward to even more greater vibes from you next year

    cant thank you enough – jah bless

    aj (toronto – canada)

    • Codger December 30, 2010 at 11:05 am - Reply

      Hi AJ,

      Have no fear. The dub zone is alive and well. I was just taking a bit of a break during the Christmas vacation. TDZ#90 goes out live and direct on Jan 7th, but if you’re really sneaky you can actually download it now here…

      Thanks for the kind words! All the best


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