Looking For Inspiration?

Still struggling with New Year inspiration?  Despair.com seems to have all the inspirational messages I need at the moment, and seem to be available as T-Shirts.  This Social Networking Venn Diagram above seems to describe modern life perfectly!

ps. Note to self:  get myself a foursquare account!

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TDZ#90… Dub Warrior…

With tracks by… Guitoud, Celt Islam, Manwel T, Injham, Piratedub, On Dub Ground, Dr Dubious, Tony Dubshot.

  1. Chains, by Guitoud. Nancy, France. [Fresh Poulp]
  2. Zawiyya, by Celt Islam. Manchester.
  3. Forward Ever Dub, by Manwel T. Malta. [Dubkey]
  4. Warriaz Dub, by Injham[KingDub]
  5. Toutenkabooze, by Piratedub. Paris, France. [HiQDub]
  6. Lola Dub (Part 2) (Webcam HiFi Desk Mix) by On Dub Ground. [OnDubGround]
  7. Dub Trenches, by Dr Dubious. Florence, Italy. [Italian Dub Community]
  8. Upsetting Dub (Wooferkiller), by Tony Dubshot. Leiden, Netherlands .[ReggaeDubwise]

This podcast is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 Unported License.

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42 Pints?

National Blood Service - Do Something Amazing - Give Blood

I’ve just given my 42nd blood donation. That’s a lot more than an armful and definitely something to reflect on amongst the meanings of life.  It took 15 minutes of my time and I had a pre-booked appointment, so didn’t waste any time queuing or messing about – just in, out and bish-bash-bosh…. and I may have saved someone’s life.

I can’t say I like the whole process much, and I try never to pay too much attention to what is actually happening, but I fugure what’s 15 minutes of my time when there are people that could actully be saved from dying as a result. It’s not much to ask is it?

Go on…. be amazing like me.

ps. They also have some very nice coffe and biscuits afterwards. What are you waiting for?

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European Personality Podcast for 2010

Blimey! It seems I have won the overall European Podcast 2010 for the “Personality” Podcast.  Checkout the video above, when I’m described as “old school”.  Well…. I suppose I am very old!

Thanks again to everyone who voted for me. It’s a great honour.

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Back to work blues….

The office is resounding with deep sighs and wistful looks into the distance as me and my colleagues return to work today.  Returning after a summer vacation is usually a personal experience as everyone tends to take different days off at different times, but the Christmas/New Year vacation always seems to be a group illness.  It’s still dark when you get up, dark again before you go home, it’s tool cold and those damn problems at work have not gone away.

Will it be gone tomorrow? I bloody hope so.

p.s. Note to Self:  Go to Travel Agents at the weekend and think about booking next vacation!

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ReggaeDubWise down again!

It looks like the new owner of ReggaeDubWise has taken the site down. The comment on the facebook site (not managed by the current owner) says:

It appears that the new site owner bailed on reggaedubwise.com He will not answer any of my emails and it appears they suspended the site. I have all the software and a new domain name. I do not want this new project to be reggae only but have many other genres similare to reverbnation.com.

Although there are a lot of additional great netlabels out there serving the dub community, RDW has always been a great  home for dub music and the source of great dub for The Dub Zone and The Dub Step Zone. It’s always had a rocky road, especially as the last owner has cancer, but let’s hope something good happens.

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Life After 50?

I’ve reached one of those milestones today. Just like all the milestones before it: 18, 21, 30, 40…. it seems it’s arrived to fast.  So now I’m in that category you find on questionnaires… 50+. Somewhere between now and death! Eeek!   I suppose I’m also eligible for cheaper car insurance, Saga holidays, and the target audience for those health insurance policies you see advertised on daytime TV. Super!

Although I obviously have no opportunity to change the outward ageing process, I shall remain young on the inside……

  • I shall not be digging out my copy of Genesis’ 1976 album “Trick Of The Tail” and lamenting Peter Gabriel’s departure from the band, even though I remember it like it was yesterday.
  • I shall not be looking through my ticket stubs from gigs of my University years…. Echo & The Bunnymen, Teardrop Explodes, Stiff Little Fingers, The Cure, The Fall, U2, New Order, Orchestral Maneovers In The Dark, Cocteau Twins…. and remembering how I would pickup crappy C90 cassette bootlegs afterwards.
  • Nor shall I be digging out my photos from the 1984 “Support The Miners” gig by The Smiths at the GLC and lamenting the lack of political conviction of the yoof of today.

Instead I shall be looking forward to new musical genres that have not been invented yet – some of which will probably have the word “dub” in them – and rejoicing.  Music is even more vibrant and immediate today than it has ever been.  Don’t be over 50 in your musical tastes. Don’t grow up!

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I’m an Archers Addict

I’m not a great lover of Soap Operas, especially the one on UK TV where there’s always a very gloomy plot and some terrible acting. However I’ve had a soft spot for The Archers for many years, and especially since it started being released as a podcast in 2007.  Maybe it’s something about it being a radio series, rather than on the TV. There’s always something to be said about radio being “the theater of the mind”.

The series is 60 years old today (even older than me!) and I shall be trying to catch up with some of the old storylines I’ve missed.

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Review of 2010

It’s been another interesting year at the Podcast Factory.  First of all there was a record number of downloads…

In 2009, I was proud and amazed to report that The Dub Zone had over 118,000 downloads, and The Dub Step Zone, which had only been going one year had nearly 53,000.  Well, in 2010, I’m completely blown away and humbled by The Dub Zone getting nearly 197,000 downloads and The Dub Step Zone shooting up to over 234,000 – that’s more than all the downloads of 2009!  PCP had a steady 58,000 downloads, and all in all it the number of downloads increased from nearly 231,000 to 489,000. That’s a 112% increase.

I’d like to say a big thank you to my listeners who downloaded any of my podcasts during 2010, making this my most successful year since I started in January 2006. I’d also like to say and even bigger thank you to all the artists, without whom there would be nothing to download. I hope those of you that enjoyed the tracks have gone on to download, or purchase, some of the great albums available from the excellent netlabels out there.

In November I decided that I wanted to make some changes, start a new podcast and so I decided that PCP would end, after a 5 year run in January 2011.  So I set about recording 4 “Best of PCP” podcasts, which featured some of my favourite tracks over the last few years.

Then something very strange happened! Firstly loads of people told me they would be sad if I closed down the show… and then PCP won an award!  First I was told I’d won an award for “Best Personality Podcast for 2010 in the UK“, in the European Podcasting Awards. Then I gathered later that I actually beat all of the other European entries and so PCP was voted overall “Best Personality Podcast for 2010“.

It seems rather crazy to shut down an award winning podcast and so after a long time thinking about this over Christmas break I’ve decided that PCP will continue.

I have some changes planned to liven up the show a little and add even more content, so the new show will be sort of “PCP…The Next Generation”.

I’d like to say a big thank you to everyone who voted for me at the European Podcasting Awards. It really was an unexpected and humbling experience, especially when there was some excellent competition in the top 20 from 4 other members of the Association of Music Podcasting …. Justin Wayne, Grant Mason, Peter Clitheroe Rowley Cutler!

I do hope that everyone who now listens enjoys all or some of my podcasts. Let’s hope 2011 is as good a year for podcasting as 2010 was.

Happy New Year Everyone!


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PCP#335… They Think It’s All Over…. The Very Best of PCP (Part 3)…

with tracks by… Tilly and the Wall, Retrigger, Peanut Butter Disco, Visionary Underground, Microdub, MoShang, Binarpilot, Klutch, Beatmapper, Tanakasomething, My Toys Like Me, Trommelfisch, Voide, Max Pashm, Dunkelbunt, Agg Productions, Why Lout, Menduza Coincidencia, Lavinia Jones, Lola Dutronic, Mista Brown, Raggattack, Alionsonny, Pornophonique, Bitbasic, Chewrafa, Orange Peel Moses, Zoey Van Goey, Karoshi Bros.

[wpaudio url=”http://m.podshow.com/media/2585/episodes/267838/pcpodcast-267838-12-31-2010.mp3″ text= “Play PCP#335”]
  1. Beat Control (Tom Knight Remix), by Tilly And The Wall.Omaha, Nebraska, USA. [Team Love]
  2. Jeanie and Caroline, by Retrigger. Belo Horizonte, Brazil.[Jamendo]
  3. Beaver Attack Formation – Goodbye, by Peanut Butter Disco. Porto, Portugal / Greenville, IL, Portugal.[Promonet]
  4. The Power, by Visionary Underground. London, England.
  5. Das Internet, by Microdub.Mindelheim, Germany.[Jamendo]
  6. Dragonbeat by MoShang. Taichung, Taiwan.
  7. Penguin  (Rachel’s Theme), by Binarpilot. Norway. [Jamendo]
  8. Lovely Pipetuber, by KLUtCh. St Petersburg, Russia.[Jamendo]
  9. Red Turns to Blue, by Voide (feat. Pixiguts). Stockholm, Sweden. [Bandcamp]
  10. Klezmernaki, by Max Pashm. Brighton, England. [Myspace]
  11. Cinnamon Girl (Roskilde Edit), by Dunkelbunt. Vienna, Austria.
  12. Stammtischpolitik (feat. Lea-Won), by Agg Productions. Bayern, Germany.  [Jamendo]
  13. Boom! (Jazz It Up Mix), by Why Lout. Brixton, London and South East, England. [johnnynothing]
  14. Sin Enganche, by Menuda Coincidencia. Monterrey, Mexico.[Delhotel]
  15. Jamais Oubilee, by Lavinia Jones (feat. Ziad). Germany. [Jamendo]
  16. Brigitte Bardot, by Lola Dutronic. Berlin, Germany & Toronto, Canada. [Myspace]
  17. Inner Harmony, by Mista Brown. London, England.
  18. Diegojah, by Raggattack. Salt, Girona, Spain. [ReggaeDubWise]
  19. Alion Smoke Signal, by Alionsonny. Germany.[Versionist]
  20. Sad Robot, by Pornophonique. Darmstadt, Germany.[Jamendo]
  21. Fish Restaurant, by Bitbasic. UK. [rec72]
  22. Spacechip, by Chewrafa.Valencia, Spain. [Jamendo]
  23. Pussy Whipped, by Orange Peel Moses. Denver, Colarado, USA. [Promonet]
  24. Song To The Embers (Miaoux Mioux Mix), by Zoey Van Goey. Glasgow, Scotland.
  25. Fuck Da World, by Karoshi Bros. UK.[Myspace]
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