With tracks by… Dubzonic, Para, Pama International, Earlyw~rm, Dubsalon, Hatman, Mildtape, Shan-A-Shan.

  1. Banshee Dub, by Dubzonic.Pays de la Loire, France.  [Musickollektiv]
  2. Minimalismi, by Para. Naples, Italy.  [A Quiet Bump]
  3. Dubstance, by Pama International. London, England.
  4. The Rarest Gummy Of Them All, by Earlyw~rm. Ontario, Canada. [Soundcloud]
  5. Sound Clash, by Dubsalon. Argentina.
  6. Dub Cry, by Hatman. Acquitaine, France. [FrenchDubReleased]
  7. Extent Of The Foot, by Mildtape. Italy. [LCL]
  8. The Train To Zion Tribute, by Shan-A-Shan. France. [Dub Ark]

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