With Tracks by…Ebrios de Tinta, Mr Moods, Eclectic Method, Chuck D, Psykeone, Ishu, Anitek, God Man Who, Deeb .

  1. Tocando el cielo, by Ebrios de Tinta. Valencia, Spain. [Jamendo]
  2. A Romantic Affair, by Mr Moods. Quebec, Canada. [Dusted Wax]
  3. Outta Sight (feat. Chuck D), by Eclectic Method. London, England / New York & Los Angeles, USA. [Musebox]
  4. Guishin, by Psykeone. Sydney, Australia. [Free The Beats]
  5. Progress (feat. Mantra), by Ishu. Sydney, Australia.  [IODA Promonet] [Foreigndub]
  6. Fast Eddie, by Anitek. Morristown, USA. [Jamendo]
  7. Day Off (Totally On It) (No Seriously), by God Man Who. London, England. [Black Lantern]
  8. Masra7 Deeb, by Deeb (prod. by Gen K). Egypt. [Bandcamp]

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