With Tracks by…Tha Silent Partner, Chinese Man, Oddatee, Break Asymmetry, Mr Moods, Bleubird, Elliot, Darkstorm & Diabolic.

  1. Cops (Part 1), by Tha Silent Partner. Massachussettes, USA. [Blocsonic]
  2. Down, by Chinese Man. France. [Chinese Man Records]
  3. The Odd, by Oddatee. New Jersey, USA.  [Jarring Effects]
  4. Booby Trap, by Break Asymmetry[Good Netlabels]
  5. Once Upon A Time In The West (Tribute Mix), by Mr Moods. Qubec, Canada.[Dusted Wax]
  6. G’s On The TGV’s, by Bleubird. Florida, USA.  [Jarring Effects]
  7. Eastern Scene, by Elliot. Sydney, Australia. [Free The Beats]
  8. Homage, by Darkstorm & Diabolik. Sheffield, UK. [Planet Terror] [Bad Taste Records]

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