with tracks by … Model Society, LukHash, Vrack, Lately Kind Of Yeah, Les Desaxes, Grunemusik, Dry River Yacht Club, Dubakadubra, Azoora, Graciellita, Don Fermando & Tekamino.

  1. Manushka Babki, by Vrack. Toulouse, France.  [Jamendo]
  2. O2, Lately Kind Of Yeah . Chicago, USA.[Vulpiano]
  3. Zo, by Les Desaxes. France. [Jamendo]
  4. Pmwl, by Grünemusik. Germany. [Jamendo]
  5. Sweaty Sax (Pickster & Melo Remix), by Dry River Yacht Club . Tempe, USA.[Soundcloud]
  6. Season, by Dubrakadubra . [Jamendo]
  7. Ugly Weather, by Azoora feat. Graciellita. UK/Canada. [23 Seconds]
  8. Napoleon Gypsy Fight, by Don Fernando & Tekamino. Part of the NSF (Neurotic Sound Foundation). [Sociopath]

Bedding music by Kaya Project Sternenspringer

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