with tracks by … Libra, Delhi 2 Dublin, Mutate Now, Coney Island Sound,  Messian Dread, Grunemusik & To-Den,  Brandy Alexander Project and Laps, Franco &TPOK Jazz, I & Crisjah, Ohmega Sir.

  1. Morning Traffic, by Libra. Lublin, Poland.[Jamendo]
  2. The Evolution feat. OKA (Delhi 2 Dublin’s Down Under Mix), by Delhi 2 Dublin. Canada. [Bandcamp]
  3. Mutate Now, by Mutate Now. Mahlow, Germany.[Jamendo]
  4. Introducing Mr Kellogg, by Coney Island Sound. Hull, England. [Regular Beat Recording]
  5. Musical Meditations, by Messian Dread. Drachten, Netherlands. [Jamendo]
  6. A Hand Leading, by Grunemusik & To-Den . Germany.[Jamendo]
  7. Turkyie, by Brandy Alexander Project and Laps. London, England. [LCL]
  8. Tres Impoli, by Franco Luambo Makiadi & TPOK Jazz. Congo. [IODA Promonet]
  9. You Go Home, by I & Crisjah . Bogotá, Colombia [Jamendo]
  10. Rokketfuel 20se7en, by Ohmega Sir . Glasgow, Scotland. [NKS International]

Franco Guitar HeroFranco, TPOK Jazz
“Très Impoli” (mp3)
from “Franco Guitar Hero”
(Franco-Editions Populaires)

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