PCP#381… Review of 2011 (Part 2)…

with tracks by …  Lola Dutronic, LukHash , Garmisch, Anika, Kosmonaut, Ast0r, Lima Tropical Beats, Julie Moffitt & Mr Moods, Protodome, Mou, 303db. Dub One!, Chinese Man, Secret Archives Of The Vatican,DJ Nuphlo, Azoora feat. Graciellita, Delhi to Dublin, Myrkur.

PCP#381… Review of 2011 (Part 2)…2018-04-20T12:45:51+00:00

H2Z#11… Unspoken…

With tracks by… Leadsmen, DJ Agent 86, Salah Erawi, Baba DJB, Lucid Music, Suhov, Sphinx the Unfathomable, Dr. B, Ben Z, Mr Chimp.

H2Z#11… Unspoken…2018-04-20T12:45:51+00:00

PCP#380.. Review of 2011 (Part 1)…

with tracks by …  Daniel Berges & The Windsurfers, PunkRacy, The 99ers, Biting Elbows, Dum Dum Girls, Brigitte Bop, The Sterns, The Supernovas, Gateway,Opa!, Ahmed Nasr & Ihab Saleh, Steve Riley & The Mamou Playboys, Balkantronika, Power und Beauty, Bubamara Brass Band, Bottlesmoker, Fexomat and Sumone.

PCP#380.. Review of 2011 (Part 1)…2018-04-20T12:45:52+00:00

TDZ#115… Dub Battle …

With tracks by…. Linval Thompson, Nate Wize, Dubmatix, Messian Dread, Dr. Remix,  Zikali, Delhi 2 Dublin, Tony Dubshot, Dub Connexion, Volfoniq.

TDZ#115… Dub Battle …2018-04-20T12:45:52+00:00

Moving Hosting

I know some of you have experienced less than excellent response from my websites petecogle.com and angeldustrecords.com over the past few weeks.  I have noticed this and have been trying to improve the performance with a number of cacheing, minify, and a variety of other tools, with some limited success.  However the fact remains the site is unusable around the time the US wakes up.  As a significant proportion of my listeners are in the US, this is just not good enough, and who wants to download albums from a netlabel who’s website does not respond?

So it’s out with the old (GoDaddy) and in with the new (uk2.net). I shall be using the Christmas/New Year season to build up new sites at the new location and then migrate the domains over.  As ever, I hope this will be a seemless transition, but you just never can tell what might happen.

Is there anything you’d particularly like to see/don’t want to see, at the new site?  Wish me luck!  [email protected].

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Made in The UK 131 – 4th Aniversary Show

Made in The UK is now 4 years old. In celebration Rowley talked to the current collaborators and got them to chose a track they liked that was played by another host on MIUK.  Three other hosts liked tracks I’d played on the show, so have a listen…..

The Clockwork Quartet: The Doctors Wife, London
Heifervescent: Figure 8, Stockport
The Pocket Gods: This is now, St Albans
Orkestra Del Sol: This is Honkstep, Edinburgh
Matt Stevens: Ghost, London
Jon Gomm: Passionflower, Leeds
The Vaselines: Sex With An Ex, Glasgow
In Isolation: Virus, Nottingham
Strait Laces: Where The Wolf Roam, Belfast

MIUK will be taking a break until the new year, see you then.

Made in The UK 131 – 4th Aniversary Show2018-04-20T12:45:53+00:00

PCP#379… Art With A Capital P….

with tracks by …Jenifer Avila, DJ Anarxx, Geoff Berner, JahPa3, Tribecastan, Kultur Shock, Abdoulaye Alhassane Toure, Electric Hambone, An-Ten-Nae, Meow Meow.

PCP#379… Art With A Capital P….2018-04-20T12:45:53+00:00

DSZ#44… Surf Dub…

WithTracks by…  El Haijn, Lord Cry Cry, Red|-_-|Box, Indidginus, Alphabets Heaven, The Widdler, Liquid Stranger, Celt Islam.

DSZ#44… Surf Dub…2018-04-20T12:45:53+00:00


I’m not American, but the UK government does have the nasty habit of repeating the same mistakes as the US.  Blocking sites on the internet is against freedom. It’s the sort of thing that “repressive” regimes do.

Remember the Arab spring, when it was “oppressive” to shut down the mobile phone networks, when protesters vented their rage in Egypt? Remember the British MPs who advocated the Blackberry messaging network should be shut down during the UK riots in August?Do they know what duplicity means?

Freedom of speech is a given requirement of democracy. Shutting down access to sites is just another form of Orwellian doublethink. If you can, do something. Go to http://americancensorship.org and tell them to stop.



PCP#378… One Hell Of A Fella…

with tracks by … Biting Elbows, Volfoniq, Carlo Serafini, The Freak Fandango Orchestra, Trenton and Free Radical, Lord Cry Cry, Tracing Arcs, Mutate Now., Jabbadub, 65daysofstatic.

PCP#378… One Hell Of A Fella…2018-04-20T12:45:53+00:00

TDZ#114… Tales Of The Dubexpected…

With tracks by…. Dreadlock Tales, Ashley, K-Sann Dub System, The Natural Dub Cluster, Dr. Remix, Dubtrak, Shan-A-Shan, Jabbadub.

TDZ#114… Tales Of The Dubexpected…2018-04-20T12:45:53+00:00

A Year of King Deluxe

Some of you may recall the memorable interview I did with PK from Peppermill records back in March 2011.  Not only did he give us a fantastic insight into the world of tree-planting musicians, he also told us about his new sister-label called King Deluxe. PK, among others, was the inspiration for me starting Angel Dust Records.

Well King Deluxe is now celebrating it’s one year anniverary, and have released a two set album featuring 25 tracks. The first set contains previously-released highlights from the first year in operation and the second album contains remixes from some of their most talented friends.  The artwork for King Deluxe has always been amazing, and this is no exception (see above), being ceated by HR-FM.

You can get both albums from bandcamp, and they are well worth collecting. Checkout both sets below:

A Year of King Deluxe2018-04-20T12:45:53+00:00

PCP#377… The Crux Of The Biscuit…

with tracks by … Prototype, Dj Delay, Allison Weiss, Swampyboy, Corty, Revolushan, Sans Blanc, DJ Kiva, Lord Cry Cry, State Shirt, X Darawish.

PCP#377… The Crux Of The Biscuit…2018-04-20T12:45:54+00:00
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