I’ve just collected the download stats for the podcasts and we had an outstanding 1.83 million downloads during 2011 alone.

I was amazed by the 116% growth from 233,293 downloads in 2009 to 504,862 in 2010, but the 263% growth in 2011 to 1,834,993 downloads is absolutely amazing. I’m so honoured that so many people have taken the time to download the podcasts and spread the word to their friends.  The popularity of dubstep obviously makes a difference, with 934,805 downloads for DSZ in 2011.

Remember it’s the artists that make their music available to us podcasters that makes the podcasts this popular.  So remember to say thank you to any of the artists who’s albums you mmay have downloaded, purchased or shared with friends during 2011. They are what makes podcasting so worthwhile.

Artists: I salute you!