Jun 012012

Go Mad Mega Mix…WithTracks by…   Celt Islam, Dawoud Kringle, 303db, Myrkur, Liquid Stranger, Dawn Tawn Prince, Mimosa, Tafuri, The Secret Lemon Project, Sativa Soul, Victor Niglio, Fleck, Pisu, Wadadda, Secret Archives of the Vatican, Killahurtz, AltaZer, David Eats Rusty Nails, U-Stone, Awolnation, B1t Crunch3r & Adapt, Vampire TNA, Jack Orion, Ras Om, Photophob, wAgAwAgA, Adam Kroll,  Zeno, King SlaFF, Blake, Blackleg, DocumentOne Dubstep, Zoom, Nit Grit.

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  One Response to “DSZ#50… Go Mad Mega Mix…”

  1. Another cracking episode of DSZ!

    Listened through the whole thing, and I keep coming back to the Awolnation track, over and over again – that is one catchy tune! Even caught myself headbanging to it in the office!

    Coudln’t find any easy way to buy their music other than through iTunes – so iTunes it was (even if Apple get there cut, it all helps….) -

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