TDZ#125… Dub You More…

Dub You More…With tracks by… Manwel T, Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad, No Finger Nails, Miss Mykela, Dubsalon, n0x, Bongo Chilli, Celt Islam, Groover Studios, PapaPoulpe, No Icon, Zazen.

  1. 00:00  Love You More (Manwel T Mix), by Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad. Rochester, USA / Malta.
  2. 03:36  Subterranea (No Finger Nails RMX), by Miss Mykela. Lecce, Italy [Soundcloud]
  3. 06:31  Properly Rolled, by Dubsalon. Argentina. [Angel Dust Records]
  4. 12:33  JR, by n0x Soundproduktionz. Netherlands. [Soundcloud]
  5. 16:50  Natural Level (feat. Bongo Chilli), by Celt Islam. Manchester, England.
  6. 22:37  Water’s Edge, by Groover Studios. Charleston, South Carolina, USA.
  7. 25:13  The New Garden, by PapaPoulpe Meets No.Icon. Orléans, France.[Fresh-Poulp]
  8. 29:45  Overland (Dubalizer Remix), by Zazen. Riom, France.[Fresh-Poulp]

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