PCP#436... Who's Laughing Now?
Who’s Laughing Now?….with tracks by…. Louis Lingg and the Bombs, Buck Rogers, Sedge , Nawak British, POST, J-K. Lisbon, Mahom, Twinmachine, Dozer, Aruba Red, Zak9791, Metaform, Fiction 20 Down, Carlos Barbosa, Blasterjaxx, Ohuican, Nahuatl Jaguar.
  1. Twitter Riot, by Louis Lingg and the Bombs. Paris, France.
  2. Codeine (Buck Rogers Remix), by Sedge Warbler.  Melbourne, Australia.[StoryAmp]
  3. Mr Fudji, by Nawak British. Greece. [Maree Bass]
  4. Come Up, by POST. Istanbul, Turkey. [Noiseist]
  5. Kamikaze, by J-K. Lisbon, Portugal. [Monster Jinx]
  6. Woodpecker, by Mahom. France. [ODG]
  7. Paranoia, by Twinmachine. Russia. [AF Music]
  8. Armed, by Dozer. Italy. [Ephedrina]
  9. Take Me Down Live & Unplugged, by Aruba Red. London, England.
  10. Abu Dub, by Zak9791. Zurich, Switzerland. [Soundcloud]
  11. In My Mind I Will Wait, by Metaform. Tokyo, Japan.
  12. Down Like Hip-Hop, by Fiction 20 Down. East Coast, USA. [f20d.com]
  13. Toca Flute (Sabo Moombahton Edit), by Carlos Barbosa, Blasterjaxx. Barcelona, Spain. [StoryAmp]
  14. Sobre Kuatro Aguas, by Ohuican and Nahuatl Jaguar. Mexico. [Aztek Electronic Music]

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