Muchos Amigos…(Netlabel Day 2017, Part 1)…with tracks by …Las Trampas de Lily, Randy Hobbs, Rowan Box, Captive Portal, Nano Strike,  Medalla Milagrosa, Panther Panther, Roberto Valdivielso, Paralisis de Sueno, Philipp Gorbachev, Barnt, Dchampions, AAA, D’Zousa Malocrioh, Jotaose Lagos.

This year Netlabel Day is on July 14, 2017. Take a look at some of the labels that are part of this year’s celebrations of what Netlabels have to offer.

  1. No me voy, by Las Trampas de Lily. Buenos Aires, Argentina. [Minima Discos]
  2. En Mouvement, by Randy Hobbs. The Netherlands. [OMEAC]
  3. Sacredchimes, by Rowan Box. Ithaca, USA. [MIST]
  4. Shaking Hands With A Polar Bear, by Captive Portal. Chicago, USA. [Mahorka]
  5. Sinister Impetus, by Nano Strike. Arnhem, Netherlands. [The Kult of O]
  6. P.K.D., by Medalla Milagrosa. Buenos Aires, Argentina. [Fuego Amigo Discos]
  7. Xochiquetzal Baila, by Panther Panther. Bristol, England.[Latino Resiste]
  8. Kazoo Times, by Roberto Valdivielso. [Green Note]
  9. Frio y Velocida, by Paralisis de SuenoSantiago, Chile. [Armatoste Brazo Discografico]
  10. Geffen (Philipp Gorbachev Version), by Barnt. Berlin, Germany. [Comeme]
  11. Pajaro Circula, by Dchampions. Frankfurt, Germany. [Fax Records]
  12. Omni from outer space, by AAA. Chile. [Jacobino Discos]
  13. Mala Junta, by D’Zousa Malocrioh & Jotaose Lagos. Chile. [Infames]

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