PCP#539… Homemade

Homemade…with tracks by …Waitapu, Filibusta, KnuxBro, Soul On Journey, Duppy, Vad Vladsky, Dub Engine, Homemade Spaceship, Pk Jazz Collective, Hardtranceboy, Nova deViator, BeatMyth.

  1. Chrom Dioxid, by Waitapu. Cakovec, Croatia. [Soundcloud]
  2. Blidgett Brodgett, by Filibusta & KnuxBro. Filmore, USA. [Bandcamp]
  3. Vespa Crabros, by Soul On Journey. Russia. [Intox Noise]
  4. Fire Burning, by Duppy. Bahia, Brazil. [In Your Ears]
  5. Face In Sauce (Original Mix), by Vad Vladsky. Russia. [Intox Noise]
  6. Fastah, by Dub Engine. Bologna, Italy. [Bandcamp]
  7. Help Me!, by Homemade Spaceship. Austin, Texas. [Gravitas Recordings]
  8. Harder, by Pk Jazz Collective. Astrakhan, Russian Federation. [SCL]
  9. Hardbass Attack, by Hardtranceboy. Russia. [Intox Noise]
  10. Chemical Screams (feat. Nova deViator), by BeatMyth. Ljubljana, Slovenia. [Bandcamp]

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