PCP#545… Nights of Fire…

Nights of Fire…with tracks by … Aaron Dictor, Las Trampas de Lily, Rastr, Kinza, Juan Maria Solare, Yomgaille, Black Fjords, Woobedub, Octopus Finger, Limón, Soletik, Go Ask Alice, CloZee.

  1. Patriot, by Aaron Dictor. USA. [Brutal Resonance]
  2. Cementerio de Animales, by Las Trampas de Lily. Buenos Aires, Argentina. [Minima Discos]
  3. Driada, by Rastr. Russia. [MNMN]
  4. Acid Romance, by Kinza. [kahvi]
  5. Truro Road, by Juan Maria Solare. [StoryAmp]
  6. B, by Yomgaille. [kahvi]
  7. Ain’t Afraid, by Black Fjords. Graz, Austria. [Wilhelm show me the Major Label]
  8. Snake, by Woobedub. Lyon, France.[ODG]
  9. Fly, by Octopus Finger. Ibiza, Spain. [Epa Sonidos]
  10. Por las noches de fuego, by Limón. Mendoza, Argentina. [Fuego Amigo Discos]
  11. Glances, by Soletik. Stafford, England. [Fusion Records]
  12. Loud, by Go Ask Alice. Rome, Italy. [LaBel]
  13. Flow Like Water (SUBPAC Optimized), by CloZee (originally by Of The Trees). Toulouse, France. [Gravitas]

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5 years ago…PCP#425… Storm Interlude…

5 years ago…PCP#425… Storm Interlude…with tracks by….  Metastaz, Coming Up, PhoniandFlore, Dogteeth, Jack Dangers, Dub Gabriel, Flamingods, Digits, Blastculture.

  1. Fancy Pansie, by Dogteeth. Irapuato, Guanajuato, Mexico. [Bandcamp]
  2. Quesso, by Flamingods. London, England. [Myrdal]
  3. Walking With The Dead, by Digits. Toronto, Canada/Berlin, Germany. [Bad Panda]

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6 years ago… PCP#375… Down By The Sea

Down by The Sea…with tracks by …  Kalina Kicks, Dubmatix, Foldplop, Andreia Dacal, Citizen Sound, Murkertrer, Burhan Öcal, Triple Drop, Rudy Alba And The Trinity All Stars, Ras Amerlock, Eccodek.

  1. She Goes Where, by Katalina Kicks. London, England. [Strummerville]
  2. Struggle (feat. Dennis Alcapone) (Dubmatix Roots Remix),by Dubmatix. Ontario, Canada. [Dubmatix]
  3. Bird Puzzle (for Aymee), by Foldplop. Finland. [Jamendo]
  4. Verde a Mata, by Andreia Dacal. Brazil. [Fresh Poulp]
  5. African For Unity (feat Treson), by Citizen Sound. Ontario, Canada. [Soundcloud]
  6. El Violin McKay, by Murkertrer. Guadalajara, Mexico. [Jamendo]
  7. Melike, by Burhan Öcal. Turkey.s [IODA Promonet]
  8. Lata Town, by Triple Drop. Dublin, Ireland. [Strummerville]
  9. Fix Up Yu Vibe, by Rudy Alba And The Trinity All Stars versus Ras Amerlock. Wisconsin, USA [LCL]
  10. Calling The Rain, by Eccodek. [IODA Promonet]

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PCP#544… Beach House Blues…

Beach House Blues…with tracks by …,Dirtwire, Lone Cosmonaut, Silent Forum, Blushing, Art Electronix, notforme!, Monkeyland, Cutside, Bottlesmoker, Macronoise, Jorden Milnes, Death By Drums, Loggi, WarpCensor, Curly Brown.

  1. Struttin, by Dirtwire. Oakland, USA. [Bandcamp]
  2. Beach House, by Lone Cosmonaut. [The Committee for Sonic Research]
  3. When I See You Shake, by Silent Forum. Cardiff, Wales. [Bandcamp]
  4. Weak, by Blushing. Austin, Texas. [Bandcamp]
  5. Drift to Darkness, by Art Electronix. Kryvyi Rih, Ukraine. [MNMN]
  6. Eight & Sand, by notforme! Petrozavodsk Russia.[SCL]
  7. The House That Leaves You Always Wanting More, by Monkeyland. Manchester, England.
  8. Secret Of 3rd Planet, by Cutside. Sevastopol, Russian Federation. [Blocsonic]
  9. Bei Mau Loops, by Bottlesmoker. Bandung, Indonesia. [Bandcamp]
  10. Creeping Ivy, by Macronoise. Prague, Czech Republic. [kahvi]
  11. Life Undone (feat. Jorden Milnes) (Death By Drums Remix), by Loggi.  Canada. [Vacant Artists]
  12. R96, by WarpCensor. England. [The Committee for Sonic Research]
  13. Anna, by Curly Brown. Russia. [MNMN]

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7 years ago… PCP#331… Podlets…

7 years ago… PCP#331… Podlets… with tracks by… The Dalaï Lama Rama Fa Fa Fa, Dan T’s Inferno, Modu, A Hori Buzz, The True Two Und Die Dorfleute.

  1. You Make Me Crazy, by The Dalai Lama Rama Fa Fa Fa. Paris, France. [Dead Bees]
  2. Fancy Dan Meets Rockers Uptown, by Dan T’s Inferno. London, England. [Johnny Nothing]
  3. Journey Inside, by Modu. [Promonet]
  4. Glitter In The Gutter, by A Hori Buzz[Promonet]
  5. Raus Hier, by The True Two Und Die Dorfleute.  Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany. [Jamendo]

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TDZ#189… Dub Profile…..

Dub Profile… with tracks by …. Massive Dub Corporation, Bass Culture Players, Marina P & The Radiators, HabooDubz,  Manwell T, yAyoLand, Linval Thompson, Dubmatix, Mystic Fyah.

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8 years ago… PCP#285 … Stand And Deliver!…

8 years ago… PCP#285 … Stand And Deliver!…

With tracks by… White Rabbits, Eclectek, The Soap Company, Dan Whitehouse, Fresh Body Shop, Juri-Jah, Burning Bright, Mammut, False Monea, Track A Tiger, Reverend And The Makers, We and Dem & The Blue Seeds.

  1. Percussion Gun, by White Rabbits. New York, USA. [The Musebox]
  2. We Are Going To Elecfunk Your Ass, by Eclectek. Lille, France. [Jamendo]
  3. If I Grow Old (The Soap Company Remix), by Dan Whitehouse.Wolverhampton, England.[Myspace]
  4. Need Some Glue, by Fresh Body Shop.Nantes, France. [Jamendo]
  5. Bass Transmission, by Juri-Jah. Russian Federation. [MotorLab]
  6. Aberdeen, by Burning Bright.Aberdeen, Scotland. [Black Lantern]
  7. Þorkell, by Mammut. Reykjavík, Iceland.[Ariel]
  8. Grilletes, by Falsa Monea. Madrid, Spain. [Jamendo]
  9. Don’t Let The Nightlight Dance, by Track A Tiger.Chicago, Illinois, USA.[Promonet]
  10. He Said He Loved Me, by Reverend And The Makers. Sheffield, England. [Myspace]
  11. Let Them Grow, by We and Dem. Zaragoza, Spain. [Jamendo]
  12. That Night In Amsterdam, by The Blue Seeds. Montreal, Canada. [Ariel]

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PCP#543… Stranger Still…

Stranger Still…with tracks by …Explosive Ear Candy, Fingerflood, Sugarmen, No Fun, Elikeh, Nova deViator, Amyl and the Sniffers, Gradu Minimo, Raz Ta Mama, Beth Witney, Kimo Watanabe & Rebel Zion, Tron Sepia, Zebbler Encanti Experience, K Theory, ANRAE, Yan Terrien. .

  1. You’re The Reason, by Explosive Ear Candy. Los Angeles, USA. [Jamendo]
  2. Intruder, by FingerfloodEnna, Italy. [Sucu Music]
  3. AC, by Sugarmen. Liverpool, England. [Jamendo]
  4. 12 Kalt, by No Fun. Vienna, Austria. [Wilhelm show me the Major Label]
  5. The Conversation, by Elikeh. [StoryAmp]
  6. G Minor (Nova deViator remix), by BeatMyth. Ljubljana, Slovenia. [Bandcamp]
  7. I’m Not A Loser, by Amyl and the Sniffers. Melbourne, Australia. [Bandcamp]
  8. Tara, by Gradu Minimo & Raz Ta Mama. Wroclaw, Poland. [Paproota]
  9. Raven, by Beth Witney. Leavenworth, USA. [StoryAmp]
  10. No Stress No Fuss, by Kimo Watanabe & Rebel Zion. Salt Lake City, USA. [Bandcamp]
  11. Inner G (Tron Sepia Remix), by Zebbler Encanti Experience. Boston, USA. [Gravitas]
  12. Indigo Funk, by K Theory & ANRAE. San Francisco, USA. [Simplify]
  13. Escalator, by Yan Terrien. France. [Sucu Music]

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9 years ago… PCP#242… If I Was A Girl…..?

9 years ago… PCP#242… If I Was A Girl….. with tracks by… Doug Ferony, DoublePark, Hetluft, Nacional, Dubtrak, We Were Promised Jetpacks, Hey Ocean, Secret Archives Of The Vatican, Magic Slim & The Teardrop, The Raveonettes.

  1. I Ain’t Got You, by Doug Ferony. New York, USA.[PMN]
  2. If I Was A Girl, by DoublePark. Stockholm, Sweden. [UNA Promotion]
  3. Train To Stockholm, by Hetluft.Sweden.[PMN]
  4. Lucas, by Nacional. Glasgow, Scotland.[Art Goes Pop]
  5. Dubtrak Wobble, by Dubtrak. Ontario, Canada.[PMN]
  6. Let’s Call This A Map, by We Were Promised Jetpacks. Glasgow, Scotland.[Art Goes Pop]
  7. Alleyways, by Hey Ocean. Vancouver, BC, Canada. [The Musebox]
  8. Law Bringer, by Secret Archives Of The Vatican. Croydon, England.[Myspace]
  9. What Is That You Got?, by Magic Slim & The Teardrops.Mississippi, USA. [Promonet]
  10. Blackwhite, by The Raveonettes. New York, USA.[PMN]

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I’m raising money for a Children’s Cancer Charity.

Between Friday 27th and 29th September a bunch of us will be Swooving for 40 hours for 40 different charities.

I shall be Swooving for 10 hours and my chosen charity is Chestnut Tree House, which provides care for children and young people with life-shortening conditions, and their families.

To Swoove means to Sing, Whoop and Move. It’s a great physical and mental excercise and keeps me sane in an otherwise insane world.

If you have heard my podcasts, and have a couple of pounds, dollars, euros, or any other currency spare then please consider donating HERE to the cause. The last time I asked for sponorship was back in 2013, so I don’t ask everyday.