PCP#546… Electric Mind…

Electric Mind…with tracks by … DreamReaper, El Fenix, Zeitmodelle, OMD, Drop Jaw John, Dokkerman and the Turkeying Fellaz, Elegi, Cousin Silas and Head Joint, JB Nelson, Meteora, Dziga, Kinza, UFL, Visionarysoundsystem.

  1. Astro Blaster, by DreamReaper. Phoenix, USA. [Brutal Resonance]
  2. Reflejos del Alma, by El Fenix. Guadalajara, Mexico. [Quiero Recordings]
  3. Electricity (Zeitmodelle Remix), by OMD. Spain. [Urban Connections]
  4. God Can You Help Me?, by Drop Jaw John. California, USA. [The Death Roots Syndicate]
  5. Plan B, by Dokkerman and the Turkeying Fellaz. Budapest, Hungary. [Budabeats]
  6. Rindu Yang Kita Tangisi, by Elegi. Depok, Indonesia.
  7. A Trip Through The Mind (Parts 1 & 2), by Cousin Silas and Head Joint. Motherwell, Scotland. [We Are All Ghosts] 
  8. Journey in the Dark, by JB Nelson. Girvan, Scotland. [The Death Roots Syndicate]
  9. IceFields, by Meteora. [United Studios Corporation]
  10. Demogorgon, by Dziga. London. [Soundcloud]
  11. Frankie Lopez 1, by Kinza. London, England. [Kahvi]
  12. Bouncy Beat, by UFL. [Mars Melons]
  13. Shy Boy (Dub Version), by Visionarysoundsystem. Garden of England, England. [Disfish]

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