PCP#549… Trumpty Dumpty and other Bedtime Stories…

Trumpty Dumpty and other Bedtime Stories….with tracks by … Lo Petit Comitè, Tetra Hydro K, Nagrobki, C3B x General Waste, The Guru, The Heartsnatchers, Bicicletas Por La Paz, CloZinger, Voodoo Puppets, Daydream Machine, Tony Allen, Kuku, Plena Libre, Illocanblo.

  1. El mal ja està fet, by Lo Petit Comitè. Barcelona, Catalonia. [Bestiar Netlabel]
  2. Octopus, by Tetra Hydro K. Besançon, France. [ODG]
  3. Kolejny rok w urnie, by Nagrobki. Gdansk, Poland.
  4. Lek It Kho, by C3B x General Waste. Brighton, England. [Ringe Ranja Records]
  5. Proba 2, by The Guru. Stara Moravica, Serbia. [Intox Noise]
  6. Silk, by The Heartsnatchers. Toulouse, France. [Dead Bees]
  7. Gigante Elefante, by Bicicletas Por La Paz. Oakland, USA. [StoryAmp]
  8. Forest Echo, by CloZinger. Toulouse, France. [Gravitas]
  9. Radio Priest, by Voodoo Puppets. Petrozavodsk, Russia  [SCL]
  10. Poverty of Thought, by Daydream Machine. Portland, USA.  [Dead Bees]
  11. Wáya (Ft. Tony Allen), by Kuku. Lagos, Nigeria. [StoryAmp]
  12. A Son De Plena, by Plena Libre.  Puerto Rico. [StoryAmp]
  13. Ruby To MIDI Lows, by Illocanblo. Russian Federation. [Cota 303]

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