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Mevio finally goes dark

It was on January 2012 that the warning bell started sounding that all was not well at Mevio. Yesterday I got a final email telling me that was finally shutting down on the 16th April. Hardly a surprise. What took them so long?

In a week when the BBC was reminiscing about the first 10 years of podcasting, including interviews with Adam Curry, it seems rather ironic this is the week his creation is about to close.

Mevio divided the idealists and rewarded a few. It had high hopes and desperate lows.  It was inspiring and then it was disappointing. At least it tried to be different, and I enjoyed being part of the team for a while.


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Here’s to 2014, my 8th year of podcasting!

Download Stats 2009-2013Being a scientist by training, I love numbers, and how data can become information. I’ve been collecting download stats of all the podcasts I do since I started in January 2006. I’ve been displaying these here on my website since 2009.

It’s sad to say that my podcasts are not quite as popular as they used to be. After I won the European Podcast of the Year Award at the end of 2010, there was a massive increase in downloads during 2011 with a total of 1.8 millions downloads. This has now dropped back to 1.3 million in 2012 and to 747,000 in 2013.

I’m not sure of all the reasons why this has happened. Perhaps there is more choice nowadays, perhaps my musical tastes are not reflecting the “latest genre” as they were in 2009 when the Dub Step Zone started and Dubstep was still somewhat underground. Perhaps the ubiquitous “dubstep drop” featuring in more pop-oriented tracks has diluted the dubstep genre.

Either way, I always reflect at this time of year on WHY I do podcasting. Essentially the reason is still the same. It’s my hobby and I love doing it. I like to help share excellent new music and I have the audacity to think I’m a taste maker, rather than a taste follower. I have a small number of dedicated listeners and a number of musicians and netlabelists that I now call friends, either physically or virtually, and that’s been good for me.

So here’s to 2014. My 8th year in podcasting and one that is bound to be full of weird and wonderful new music. Bring it on!

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Another Zumbathon Completed!

Well, we did it again! Another 12 hours of Zumba completed, this time for the Chestnut Tree House, a Children’s Charity. As always, it was an amazing experience, and I’d like to say a big thank you to all who sponsored me.

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Special post-zumbathon podcast


Just a short note to say thanks to all those that have now sponsored me for the 12-hour zumbathon. Much appreciated!

As with last year’s zumbathon, those that sponsored me will get access to a special post-zumbathon podcast created by me, just for you!


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H2Z#23… Da Bomb!…

Da Bomb!….with tracks by…Bombay Bassment, Omega Dub Experience, Sound Liberation, Boss Bass, Ecoalaize, MC Idle, Snareophobe, Rhythum, Publish the Quest,  Certain Folk, Elemint.

   H2Z#23... Da Bomb!...
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This podcast is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 Unported License.

H2Z#23… Da Bomb!…2018-04-20T12:45:16+00:00

Ready for some more Hip-Hop?

I’ve got a new Hip H2Z#23... Da Bomb!...-Hop zone recorded and ready to roll.  With tracks by Bombay Bassment, Omega Dub Experience, Sound Liberation, Boss Bass, Ecoalaize, MC Idle, Snareophobe, Rhythum, Publish the Quest, Certain Folk & Elemint, it’s a really good show (if I say so myself).

Here’s the catch!  I’ve only had £50 worth of sponsorship for my 12-hour Zumbathon at the end of the month. I’ll release this episode of The Hip Hop Zone when that hits £100, so please sponsor me at Every little helps the Chestnut Tree House children’s cancer hospice!



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Zumbathon 2013 Appeal

Chestnut Tree HouseChestnut Tree HouseI’m taking part in a 12-hour Zumbathon in aid of a Children’s Cancer Charity.

Please sponsor me at

Zumbathon 2013 Appeal2018-04-20T12:45:16+00:00

Zumbathon 2013 Appeal

I’m taking part in a 12-hour Zumbathon in aid of a Children’s Cancer Charity.

If you can please sponsor me at

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H2Z#22… Word…

H2Z#22... Word...
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Word…with Tracks by…..Marcus J Gilligan, C-Doc, Mwati, Shaaban, Rosine Minga, Incha Kevon, Beya Tshibuabua, Samaritain, Benjino AK, Herleo Muntu, Fiction 20 Down, Marvel Years, The Impossebulls, J-K, Soviet, Uri Green, Adrià Canet.

This podcast is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 Unported License.

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Want to listen to a podcast using your mobile?

Mobile Podcast FactoryDid you know you can now stream any one of my podcasts on your mobile phone without having to download first?

Now that there are so many mobile contracts out there with unlimited data, and with HTML5, it makes complete sense to just stream a podcast of your choice.

So, just head over to as normal, and if you’re using a mobile device, you can navigate directly to the podcast player with the touch of a finger!



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H2Z#21… Out Of The Blue…

H2Z#21... Out Of The Blue...

Out Of The Blue…with Tracks by….. POST, Frenic, Flex Vextor, DJ Def Chad, C-Doc, Texture, J-K, Ciel Rouge, DJ Aslan, Sivion, Aayu.

This podcast is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 Unported License.

H2Z#21… Out Of The Blue…2018-04-20T12:45:26+00:00

2012 was another amazing year

I’ve just calculated the download figures for 2012.  Overall downloads were down 26% in 2012, but that was still at the amazing level of 1.36 million, which I not disappointed by at all, and love that so many people like what I do and the great music I share.

The podcast factory has been in operation for a full 7 years now, and in that time 4.3 million podcasts have been downloaded.  Podcasts have come, and some, like pcp{2} and H2Z have gone, but the love for great music still remains, and I regularly get emails from people I’ve never heard of, from places I’ve never expected, telling me that they’re listeners and they love the shows.

There may be some more changes in 2013, but the shows will go on….

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We did it!

Well…. it was an amazing weekend Zumba-ing!  185 people registered, plus there was a great support team or timekeepers, witnesses, food providers, sponsors and general hangers on, but it was all worth it. We’ll know by the end of October whether Guinness have accepted it’s a world record, but even without that title we will have raised over $14,000 for the hospice. I managed 11.5 hours, but a select few did the whole 36.6 hours.  Just awesome!

If you’ve still not yet sponsored me and wish to do so then click here.  Thanks very much to those who already have.

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H2Z#20… End…

H2Z#20... End...

End…With tracks by…  Lucid Music, Lata, Kou Chou Ching, Bounty Killer, Ben Z, Sydetrack Beats of Brisbane, Dr Kananga, Cyph4, Deluxe, LBone, Jai Uttal, MC Yogi, Ebrios de Tinta, Conspiracy Of Mind, Chinese Man, Oh-Neco, Minoo, Break Asymmetry, Ganga, Deeb, Sev Statik, Gangstagrass, T.O.N.E-z, Bart Knight, Karonada, Coehn & Foehrb, Kayaan, Burning Bright, Leadsmen, Sergian, Ripper, Mr Moods & Julie Moffitt, Suhov, KillBill and Rav, Ten Years Coming, Chill Clinton, Lucky Mike, Oddatee, Faceless and Ultimatums, Sphinx Guiliano, Dejection.

  1. 00:00:00  Showtime, by Lucid Music.  Pittsburgh, USA.  [IODA Promonet]
  2. 00:07:22  Need, by Ben Z (Beat by Sydetrack Beats of Brisbane) . Madison, Wisconsin, USA.
  3. 00:11:33  Beaumont is Alive, by Dr Kananga. Toulouse, France.  [Jamendo]
  4. 00:16:06  Polishing Peanuts (feat. Cyph4), by Deluxe. Aix en Provence, France. [Chinese Man Records]
  5. 00:20:09  Diese Melodie, by LBone. Rottenburg am Neckar, Germany.  [Jamendo]
  6. 00:23:23  Ganesh Is Fresh (feat. Jai Uttal), by MC Yogi.  USA.  [IODA Promonet]
  7. 00:28:05  Tocando el cielo, by Ebrios de Tinta. Valencia, Spain. [Jamendo]
  8. 00:31:17  Angry Mob, by Conspiracy Of Mind (Just1 and Nevahmind). US/Sweden. [23 Seconds]
  9. 00:34:38  Get Up, by Chinese Man. France. [Chinese Man Records]
  10. 00:38:24  Magic (feat. Oh-Neco), by Minoo. Poland. [Mad-Hop]
  11. 00:40:58  Booby Trap, by Break Asymmetry[Good Netlabels]
  12. 00:43:41  All I Want Is To Forget, by Ganga. (from Black Firestarters). [Jamendo]
  13. 00:48:29  Masra7 Deeb, by Deeb (prod. by Gen K). Egypt. [Bandcamp]
  14. 00:51:51  Say Peace, by Sev Statik. Albany, New York, USA. [Bandcamp]
  15. 00:54:59  I’m Gonna Put You Down, by Gangstagrass Featuring T.O.N.E-z. New York, USA.
  16. 00:58:42  Fight Club (remix by Bart Knight), by Karonada. Russia.  [Soundcloud]
  17. 01:01:21  Alles nur Fassade (All Is Just A Facade) , by Coehn & Foehrb. Berlin, Germany.  [Jamendo]
  18. 01:04:26  The Next Stage, by Kayaan. Palestine. [IODAPromonet]
  19. 01:07:33  Apathetic, by Burning Bright. Edinburgh, Scotland. [Black Lantern]
  20. 01:10:59  Words Unspoken, by Leadsmen. Amersterdam & Rotterdam, Netherlands. [Beats Broke]   [IODA Promonet]
  21. 01:13:56  Mi e dor (feat. Sergian), by Ripper. (Anghel Sergiu) Livadea, Romania. [Soundcloud]
  22. 01:16:11  Slow Down Mix, by Mr Moods & Julie Moffitt. Qubec, Canada.[Dusted Wax]
  23. 01:21:34  Exx-Fuck, by Suhov. Szeged, Hungary. [Budabeats]
  24. 01:24:42  Kicks, by KillBill and Rav.  Walterboro, South Carolina, USA / London, England. [Soundcloud]
  25. 01:27:31  Ninety-Four Drums Of Death, by Ten Years Coming. [Blocsonic]
  26. 01:31:42  The Pursuit of Happiness (feat. Chill Clinton), by Lucky Mike. Mannheim, Germany. [Kreislauf Organization]
  27. 01:34:34  The Odd, by Oddatee. New Jersey, USA.  [Jarring Effects]
  28. 01:37:44  Our Roads (Remix by Bart Knight), by Faceless and Ultimatums. Russia. [Soundcloud]
  29. 01:41:09  Not Just Who You See (feat. Sphinx Guiliano), by Ben Z & Dejection. Madison, Wisconsin, USA / Darmstadt, Germany. [Bandcamp]

This podcast is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 Unported License.

H2Z#20… End…2018-04-20T12:45:32+00:00

H2Z#19… World…

H2Z#19... World...

World…With tracks by… Oh-Neco, Minoo, Poldoore, Rawsoul, Realysm, Ears, Dziga,  MC Shot, Nomist, Mouth Warren, Theory Hazit, Bart Knight, Faceless and Ultimatums.

This podcast is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 Unported License.

H2Z#19… World…2018-04-20T12:45:33+00:00
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