PCP#741… Broken Glass…

Broken Glass… with tracks by…Orchestra Gold, Spectateur, Cheese N Pot-C, TangerineCat, 88756, Resplandor, Seine, The Virginmarys, David Matias, Lunavela, Shooting Daggers, Ksanti, Rorshack

  1. Orchestra Gold – Lemuru [NYP Records]
  2. Spectateur – Only You [The French Connection]
  3. Cheese N Pot-C – I Do My Thing (feat. CM aka Creative) [Blocsonic]
  4. TangerineCat – Molfar [Bandcamp]
  5. 88756 – Limbo [Bandcamp]
  6. Resplandor – Tristeza [Anemos Promotions]
  7. Seine – Slicnost [Bandcamp]
  8. The Virginmarys – The Meds [Puffer Fish Press]
  9. David Matias – June [Bandcamp]
  10. Lunavela – You Know Who You Are, You Know How I Feel [Soundcloud]
  11. Shooting Daggers – Liar [Fat Drop]
  12. Ksanti – First Star [ODG]
  13. Rorshack – Find a Way (feat. Emma Fisher Smith) [Jump Suit Records]

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PCP#713… Rise Of The Robot Masters…..

Rise Of The Robot Masters…with tracks by…Mothers Talk, Kosmische Clutharachán , Dennis Bovell, Khöömei Beat, Saturnalia, Bonjour Joseph, 88756, Awoga, Dub Machinist, B4, Mike Gruwell, Demain Sans Faute, Sven Phalanx

  1. Mothers Talk – Civilization Of The Mind [StoryAmp]
  2. Kosmische Clutharachán – Come Undone (Duran Duran Cover) [Bandcamp]
  3. Dennis Bovell – I Am No Robot Master [RDX Promo]
  4. Khöömei Beat – Dembildey [StoryAmp]
  5. Saturnalia – Disappear [Eardrums Pop]
  6. Bonjour Joseph – Amour amour [La Souterraine]
  7. 88756 – Replicate II [Bandcamp]
  8. Awoga – Origins [ODG]
  9. Dub Machinist – Floor Fish Riddim [Maree Bass]
  10. B4 – Do pr ce [Poli5]
  11. Mike Gruwell – Gettin’ Saxxy [StoryAmp]
  12. Demain Sans Faute – Du lourd [Do It Youssef]
  13. Sven Phalanx – Klangtherapie (Club Edit) [Mahorka]

This podcast is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International (CC-NT-NC-ND 4.0) License 

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