PCP#623… Swingtime….

Swingtime…with tracks by… Ultramerda, Evil Wiener, A Human Expressing Experience, 99ers,  Lykke Li, Dub Bred, Guchon, XSEOS, Expozed, The Swapsies, Mista B, Jabbadub, Jiang Liang, Jerry Coox, Manika Kaur.

  1. Corpo nel cellophane, by Ultramerda . Casazza, Italy. [Gufo Records]
  2. Kettle Drum, by Evil Wiener. Carrboro, North Carolina, USA.
  3. Alien Popsicle, by A Human Expressing Experience. Los Angeles, California, USA. [Bandcamp]
  4. Sweet Nothings, by 99ers. Saint Paul, Minnesota, USA.
  5. Dance Dance Dance, by Lykke Li.Stockholm, Sweden. [RCRD LBL]
  6. When The Veil Falls, by Dub Bred. South Africa. [Big Wave Records]
  7. Dream Island Seaside Line by Guchon. Japan. [Maltine Records]
  8. Fishy Smell (Raw Mix), by XSEOS. Thessaloniki, Greece. [Art-Ak]
  9. Geistesabwesenheit (Absent Mindedness), by Expozed. Daruvar, Croatia. [Groove Caffee]
  10. Oh Me!, by The Swapsies. Liverpool, England. [Ear Drums Pop]
  11. Nuff Stylin (feat. Mista B), by Jabbadub. Wroclaw, Poland. [ODG]
  12. Pure Asian Dub, by Jiang Liang meets Jerry Coox. China.[Fresh Poulp]
  13. Ram Japo Ji, by Manika Kaur. Melbourne, Australia. [StoryAmp]

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PCP#399… The Space…

The Space…with tracks by… Louis Lingg and The Bombs, Zieti, The Neighborhood, Dreadzone, Banco de Gaia, Batard Tronique, Roughquest, 99ers, Calibre, TRI-BAL, T.E.E.D, Occidental Gypsy, Karsh Kale’s, Janaka Selekta.

  1. Minnesota Boy, by 99ers. Saint Paul, Minnesota, USA. [Spinout Records]
  2. Garden (Calibre Remix) (TRI-BAL Remix), by T.E.E.D. London, England. [BDRDancefloor]
  3. Occidental Stomp, by Occidental Gypsy. USA. [FlipSwitch]

John Peel’s Record Archive is starting to be uploaded to The Space.

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PCP#371… The Ringtone That Killed Dubstep…

with tracks by … Microcobra, The Dø, Secret Archives of the Vatican, Nhumo, Surf & Sun, 99ers, Zoe Leela, Brass Menazeri, Best Coast,  Doctor 8.

  1. Mizuki’s Last Chance – Backlash (Microcobra Mix Edition), by Microcobra. [Sociopath]
  2. Slippery Slope, by The Dø. France/Finland. [Six Degrees Records]
  3. Defender, by Secret Archives of the Vatican. Croydon, England. [Broken Drum Records]
  4. Blues Don’t Let Me Down, by Nhumo. Santiago, Chile.[Jamendo]
  5. Destination, by Surf & Sun. San Fernando de Henares, Spain. [Jamendo]
  6. Sweet Nothings, by 99ers. Minnesota St Paul, USA.
  7. Come On, by Zoe Leela. Kreuzberg36, Berlin, Germany. [rec72]
  8. Cocekahedron, by Brass Menazeri. San Francisco, California, USA. [IODA Promonet]
  9. Gone Again, by Best Coast. California, USA. [Adult Swim]
  10. 69 Degrees, by Doctor 8.  [Jamendo]

Vranjski San (Vranjski Dream)Brass Menazeri
“Ä?oÄ?ekahedron” (mp3)
from “Vranjski San (Vranjski Dream)”
(Porto Franco Records)

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Bedding music by Kaya ProjectHoward.

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