PCP#671… Coronacoaster…

Coronacoaster…. with tracks by … Spaðabani, Garay Palma, Adwaith, Group Lhssan Bouri, Sean Devine, Andy Long, Toffo,Tellur, Alpha Centauri, Multi Culti , Drugface, Supersport!, Vortex Mechanic, Radar & Satellite.

  1. Rjarðaberjaskyr , by SPAÐABANI. Iceland. [Post-Dreifing]
  2. Grisalla, by Garay Palma. Chile. [Dusted Wax Kingdom]
  3. Y Diweddaraf, by Adwaith., by Adwaith.Carmarthen, Wales. [Soundcloud]
  4. Tergwa Tiwid Aman, by Group Lhssan Bouri. Tamlalte, Morocco. [Do It Youssef]
  5. Hedache, by Sean Devine. London, England. [Sick Monkey Records]
  6. Confession, by Andy Long. Newport, Wales. [Bandcamp]
  7. Thematteroflife, by Toffo. Moscow, Russia. [Nenormalizm]
  8. Chemical Bass, by Tellur. Japan. [Lost Frog]
  9. Requiem (Part One), by Alpha Centauri. Germany. [Planeta X]
  10. Inna Di Clouds (Multi Culti Dub), by Drugface. Montreal, Québec. [Multi Culti]
  11. Svo dó hún, að nóttu, í draumi, by Supersport! Iceland. [Post-Dreifing]
  12. Taking the Empty Train, by Vortex Mechanic. Moscow, Russia. [USC]
  13. Go Home, by Radar & Satellite. Totowa, New Jersey, USA. [Bandcamp]

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PCP#384… Say No To Mr Smith…

with tracks by…. Memoryhouse, Lata, Mildtape,Cinema Red And Blue, Andy Long, Lola Dutronic, Yacoub Abu Ghosh, Omega, Awolnation, My Awesome Mixtape, UHT°, Dubmatix.

  1. Keep Your Dreams, by Lola Dutronic. Berlin, Germany & Toronto, Canada.

Butterbean Crypt EPCinema Red And Blue
“Walkin’ To The Cemetery” (mp3)
from “Butterbean Crypt EP”
(Fortuna POP!)

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As Blue as the Rivers of AmmanYacoub Abu Ghosh
“Blue Car” (mp3)
from “As Blue as the Rivers of Amman”

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More On This AlbumH20UHT°
“Le cycle” (mp3)
from “H20”
(No Fridge)

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