What’s the difference between Record Store Day and Netlabel Day?

Everyone knows about Record Store Day. Did you know there’s another day. Netlabel Day. It’s on July 14th every year and it’s been going since 2015.

Netlabel day is all about, well Netlabels, which distribute music electronically via archive.org, bandcamp.com or other platforms. Most of these netlabels have been setup by artists with similar interests in common and a desire to avoid the big record label hype. Many of these labels release music using Creative Commons licenses, that protect the copyright of the artists, but promote music sharing, attribution, remixing and enabling music to be used in other projects, such as videos. Many of these labels release work for free or “name your price” models, which channel money directly to the artists for much greater returns that standard commercial contracts.

Netlabel day was setup to celebrate these Netlabels, and provide a focus on new releases in the same way as Record Store Day. But you don’t need to queue, and you don’t need to have been pockets. Just head along to netlabelday.com on July and take a look at what’s available to download.

Netlabel day is a global initiative so the day begins at the international date line in the Line Islands in the UTL+14 time zone, all the way through Autralasia, Asia, Africa, Europe and the Americas and ends in the Cook Islands in the UTL+12 time zone.

This year there’s more and more labels have got involved and we’re sure you’ll find new music that you’ve never heard of by artists you’ll never see in a conventional Record Store.

So, sieze the day. Netlabel day on July 14th at netlabelday.com.

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India blocks access to PCP and TDZ

Sounds kind of crazy doesn’t it, but it appears to be true.  The BBC and Medianama have said that India has blocked access to The Internet Archive, because it may contain access to “Jihadi propaganda”.

As all of the music files for PCP and TDZ are stored on The Internet Archive’s servers this means, if you’re in India you may not get access from now on.

If anyone in India is affected by lack of podcasts, please let me know and I’ll arrange additional hosting.  Meanwhile you can still find the podcasts at mixcloud , hearthis.at. and youtube.



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