PCP#100… Babbling Halfwits….

Another chance to hear PCP#100. Recorded back in February 2007, myself and Mr Peter Clitheroe discuss a year of podcasting, drink a lot of beer and talk a load of old bollocks…..

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I mentioned Cornish Bagpipe Dub Reggae in this podcast. I’ve still never managed to get anyone to give it a try, but I did put this video together in March 2015 as a homage to the genre!

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End of an era? The last weekly Suffolk and Cool

Suffolk and Cool

My old mate, Peter Clitheroe, has decided to hang up his “weekly” headphones at Suffolk and Cool.  It was no mistake that Clithers and I started podcasting just a day apart. We’ve had some musical agreements, and some musical differences (not in the “Band Splits” way, you understand), but Peter has always been clear about one thing: Quality!

He doesn’t say he’s giving up totally, and I’m sure there will be the occasional mumbling, or a video, now and again to remind us of the man with “the smile in his voice”, as someone once said to me.

So, as a little extra treat this week, join me in listening to SnC#429…..

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PCP#424… Stormy Weather…

PCP#424... Stormy Weather...

Stormy Weather…with tracks by….  The Frankenstone, Zengineers, Entertainment For The Braindead, Nick Pandolfi, Bagas Degol, VYTIS, Belkastrelka, Maxi Dread, Daizy, TerbujurKaku.

  1. Ascend, by VYTIS. Lithuania/Ireland. [Ephedrina]

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