PCP#537… In My Arms

In My Arms…with tracks by …Principe Valiente, Riot, Bebhionn, The Pocket Gods, Drunken Instrument Corporation, Jamie Stephan, Oxygenfad,  Rogue Emperor, Subhi, Batard Tronique.

  1. In My Arms, by Principe Valiente. Sweden. [AF Music]
  2. Destroyer, by Riot. Lisbon, Portugal. [Skalator Music]
  3. Dispersions, by Bebhionn. Spain. [Zimmer]
  4. Another Sunny Day, by The Pocket Gods. St. Albans, England.
  5. MyLittle, by Drunken Instrument Corporation. Saluzzo, Italy. [In Your Eyes]
  6. Widderchen, by Jamie Stephan. Erfurt, Germany. [Intox Noise]
  7. Breakcores Not Dead, by Oxygenfad. Canada. [Moron Labs]
  8. Holy Ghost, by Rogue Emperor. UK.
  9. Shaitaan Dil, by Subhi. New Delhi, India. [StoryAmp]
  10. Tekno Kozak, by Batard Tronique. France. [Paris Zombie]

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TDZ#137… Dub Medicine…

Dub Medicine…with Tracks by….. DJ Mike Native, King Opossum, The Dub Oracle, Batard Tronique, Black Dubber, Ben I Sabbah, Wise Rockers, Negritage.

TDZ#137... Dub Medicine... [suffusion-widgets id=’1′]

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DSZ#64… Dub Under Pressure…

Dub Under Pressure…with tracks by….. Fitta Warri, Dziga, Celt Islam, Nuclear, Block Dodger, DZZ, Crazy Daylight, Batard Tronique, Wolf-E-Wolf, Brokenspud.

 DSZ#64... Dub Under Pressure...
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PCP#441… Last Man Standing…

PCP#441... Last Man Standing...
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Last Man Standing…with tracks by…..Khiladi., DJ Delay, Jallabanda, Static Noise Bird, Samplestra, Marina P, I.N.D. , Bebop Banger Pumper, Jordan Reyne, Block Dodger, April Berton, Afro Groove Collective, Universal Noise Theory, Toxic Dwarf, Herbata, Batard Tronique, Hayvanlar Alemi.

  1. This Is Sparta, by Khiladi. Mumbai, India. [Ennui.Bomb]
  2. Czardas (DJ Delay Remix), by DJ Delay vs Jallabanda. Berlin, Germany.
  3. I Am The Mosaic, by Static Noise Bird.  Helsinki, Finland. [Sirona]
  4. Modified #1, by Samplestra. New York, USA.
  5. Metropolis (feat. Marina P.), by I.N.D. Southern Italy. [Dub All Sense] [4 Weed]
  6. Scuola Benassi, by Bebop Banger Pumper. Central Italy. [Sostanze]
  7. The Annihilation Sequence, by Jordan Reyne. New Zealand.
  8. Mothership (feat. Nuclear) by Block Dodger. London, England. [DrumNBass.net]
  9. Box By The Window, by April Berton. [Evoke Records]
  10. Chocot’, by Afro Groove Collective. New York, USA. [StoryAmp]
  11. Transit, by Universal Noise Theory. Berlin, Germany. [Soundcloud]
  12. Algorythmic2, by Toxic Dwarf. Cambridge, England. [Soundcloud]
  13. World Today (La Crema Remix), by Herbata. Barcelona, Spain. [LCL]
  14. Carpathian Jedi, by Batard Tronique. France. [Sirona]
  15. Gve Diskosu, by Hayvanlar Alemi. Ankara, Turkey.

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PCP#438… Festival

pcPCP#438... Festivalp438

Festival…with tracks by….Heifervescent, Dozer, Fiction 20 Down, ‘Steely’ Dan Monte, Gaoler’s Daughter, Droboches, Louis Lingg and the Bombs, Nickodemus &  Zeb, Flowering Inferno, D.V.S., Mastermind XS, Alex Chester, Anchortell, Danny Ladwa, Gaudi, OutSource, Batard Tronique.
  1. Asleep At The Wheel, by Heifervescent. Stockport, England. [Jamendo]
  2. Bull Dozer, by Dozer. Italy. [Ephedrina]
  3. My Prisoner, by Fiction 20 Down.East Coast, USA. [StoryAmp]
  4. When We Were Young (Feat. ‘Steely’ Dan Monte), by Gaoler’s Daughter. London, England. [Strummerville]
  5. Voice Of Dead Childs, by Droboches. [D-Trash Records]
  6. Freedom Fighter, by Louis Lingg and the Bombs. Paris, France.
  7. No Soy del Valle (Nickodemus &  Zeb Remix), by Flowering Inferno. Barcelona, Spain. [StoryAmp]
  8. Root Glen, by D.V.S. Brooklyn, USA. [Gravitas Recordings]
  9. Run Away, by Mastermind XS. Saarbrucken, Germany. [Soundcloud]
  10. Vintage, by Alex Chester. Mexico City, Mexico. [Bump Foot]
  11. Canberra, by Anchortell. Canberra, Australia. [Planet Terror]
  12. Why U Wanna Run (feat. Danny Ladwa), by Gaudi. London, England. [Six Degrees Records]
  13. Fake Reality by OutSource. Los Angeles, California. [DrumNBass.NET]
  14. Mustache Golden Chain, by Batard Tronique. Brittany, France.[NKS]

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DSZ#60… Dub Fumes…

DSZ#60... Dub Fumes...

Dub Fumes…With Tracks by….. Batard Tronique., Sparxy & Intelligent Delinquent, Dynasty, Mantis, Tiburk, Budjunky, NiT GriT & Mochipet, Shu.

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PCP#429… Big Fat Pod Of The Year…

PCP#429... Big Fat Pod Of The Year...

with tracks by….   The Upstairs, Mookoomba, Delhi to Dublin,The Quinsy, Celt Islam, PhoniandFlore, X-Press 2,Ourself Beside Me, Agent Side Grinder, Robert Soko, Zieti, Chill Bump, Tracy Thornton, Louis Lingg and the Bombs, Jah Slave meets El Bib, Deluxe, Massl, The Clouds, A Tribe Called Red, Meow Meow vs. Jefflocks, Cata9tales, Jackson Firebird, Watcha Clan, Lola Dutronic, Slavic Soul Party, Zeb and Haniya., Heavyweight Dub Champion, Freeky Cleen & Dickey F, T.E.E.D, Box Of Brats, Secret Archives of the Vatican, Idan Raichel & Vieux Farke Toure, Daizy, MKMN99, Icon Girl Pistols, José & the Buttsluggers, Barry Adamson, Banco de Gaia, Thousand Yard Prayer, Chinese Man, Chicha Libre, Penthotal,  Entertainment For The Braindead, Zengineers, Squire of Gothos, The Happy Problem, Batard Tronique, Dubliminal Girls, The Frankenstone, Dougie Silkstone.
  1. Generation Bass  by Celt Islam. Manchester, England.
  2. Stranger, Stranger, by Agent Side Grinder. Sweden.
  3. B-Style, by Robert Soko. Berlin, Germany. [Flip Switch]
  4. Tu Cafe (RMX), by Massl. Karlsruhe / Mannheim, Germany. [RRR]
  5. Samar, by The Clouds. Jakarta, Indonesia. [Mindblasting]
  6. 411 Positrac, by Jackson Firebird. Mildura, Northern Victoria, Australia.
  7. Chup, by Zeb and Haniya. Pakistan.
  8. Head Case, by The Happy Problem. New York, USA.

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PCP#399… The Space…

The Space…with tracks by… Louis Lingg and The Bombs, Zieti, The Neighborhood, Dreadzone, Banco de Gaia, Batard Tronique, Roughquest, 99ers, Calibre, TRI-BAL, T.E.E.D, Occidental Gypsy, Karsh Kale’s, Janaka Selekta.

  1. Minnesota Boy, by 99ers. Saint Paul, Minnesota, USA. [Spinout Records]
  2. Garden (Calibre Remix) (TRI-BAL Remix), by T.E.E.D. London, England. [BDRDancefloor]
  3. Occidental Stomp, by Occidental Gypsy. USA. [FlipSwitch]

John Peel’s Record Archive is starting to be uploaded to The Space.

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PCP#382… Start All Over Again…

with tracks by…Plex Rock, Taiwan MC, Deluxe, Alicia Saldenha, Milky Wimpshake, Valentina Casula, DJ Click, The Zoo Community Jazz Band, Huw Olesker, Filthy Kicks, Citizen Sound, Batard Tronique, 3 Visages.

  1. Ooh Boy, by Alicia Saldenha. Trinidad & Tobego via Japan.


My Funny Social CrimeMilky Wimpshake
“Cherry Pop” (mp3)
from “My Funny Social Crime”
(Fortuna POP!)

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More On This Album

Delhi to Sevilla DUBDJ Click
from “Delhi to Sevilla DUB”
(No Fridge)

More On This Album

Monsieur ChevalierThe Zoo Community Jazz Band
“Dark and Dirty Dancehalls” (mp3)
from “Monsieur Chevalier”
(Tin Robot Records)

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More On This Album

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DSZ#27… License To Wobble …

WithTracks by… U-Stone, Batard Tronique, Tim Ismag, A Flipping Budjunky, Down Jones, Adam Kroll, DryDeck, Muph.

DSZ#27… License To Wobble …2018-04-20T12:46:41+00:00
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