PCP#706… Furbies vs Furries…..

Furbies vs Furries…with tracks by…Brigitte Bop, Fadhilee Itulya, Savej, Fountain Child, TMRW x Skank, Pleyad, Diane, Sonny Monk, Shony, Masaru Saito, Oriofonul, Igor Pumphonia, The Goldstars, Guaraci, Popup, Posthuman, Lola Dutroni

  1. Brigitte Bop – Show Bizness [Jamendo]
  2. Fadhilee Itulya – Afirika [StoryAmp]
  3. Savej – Solstice (Visional Remix) [Bandcamp]
  4. Fountain Child – One Hand To Hide The Sky [Indiependency]
  5. TMRW x Skank – Bando Weapon 1 [Soigne Tes Oreilles]
  6. Pleyad – Mrakobesie [MNMN]
  7. Diane – Les chevaux blancs [LaSouterraine]
  8. Sonny Monk – Time is Art (Part 4) [Green Note]
  9. Shony – Shony – Legaturi Externe [Innunct Music]
  10. Masaru Saito – Sora [MiMi Records]
  11. Oriofonul – Rose [Tropical Twister]
  12. Igor Pumphonia – If Not For You  Dub  [Jamendo]
  13. The Goldstars – Purple Girlfriend
  14. Guaraci – Tem Misterio [Tropical Twista Records]
  15. Popup – Love Triangle
  16. Posthuman – A Better Us
  17. Lola Dutronic – Keep Your Dreams

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PCP#380.. Review of 2011 (Part 1)…

with tracks by …  Daniel Berges & The Windsurfers, PunkRacy, The 99ers, Biting Elbows, Dum Dum Girls, Brigitte Bop, The Sterns, The Supernovas, Gateway,Opa!, Ahmed Nasr & Ihab Saleh, Steve Riley & The Mamou Playboys, Balkantronika, Power und Beauty, Bubamara Brass Band, Bottlesmoker, Fexomat and Sumone.

Mix One

  1. Zastanow Sie, by PunkRacy . Warszawa, Poland.  [Jamendo]
  2. Everybody’s Rocking, by The 99ers . Saint Paul, Minnesota, USA. [Spinout Records]
  3. Dope Fiend Massacre, by Biting Elbows . Moscow, Russia.  [Jamendo]
  4. Bedroom Eyes, by Dum Dum Girls . California, USA.  [Sub Pop]
  5. Show Bizness, by Brigitte Bop . Orléans, France.  [Jamendo]
  6. Did You Get It?, by The Sterns. Kiev, Ukraine.  [Jamendo]
  7. Dancing In Millbank, by The Supernovas. London, England. [Strummerville]

Mix Two

  1. Golden Days (Remix), by Fexomat and Sumone. Berlin, Germany / Washing DC, USA. Part of the NSF (Neurotic Sound Foundation)[Sociopath]

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PCP#359…29 Years Later…

with tracks by …  Brigitte Bop, LukHash, The Maggie Wackers, Dead Pawn Company, Vanya Zalewski, Dengue Fever, V.I.D.A Groove, Magic Slim, Ghostkid, Liquid Stranger.

  1. Tip My Canoe, by Dengue Fever . LA, California, USA.

Raising The BarMagic Slim and the Teardrops
“Do You Mean It” (mp3)
from “Raising The Bar”
(Blind Pig Records)

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The Intergalactic SlapstickLiquid Stranger
“Lotus” (mp3)
from “The Intergalactic Slapstick”
(Interchill Records)

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Bedding music by Kaya Project, Balkantronika .

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