PCP#703… Cognitive Dissonance…..Netlabel Day 2021 – Part 2

Cognitive Dissonance…with tracks by…Amensur, DJ Cherobyl, Mauro Donati, Muflon Dub Soundsystem, Hummingbird, Subset, Gravity Zero, Cos Mozz, Mas&Delayer, Owen Ni, BTB, Secret Archives of the Vatican, Da Iguana, Mikal Lillo-Stenberg, Garpo, Marc Burt, Lee Rosevere

  1. Amensur – A orillas del r¡o [Fuego Amigo Discos] [Argentina]
  2. DJ Cherobyl – Hari Hari [Latino Resiste] [Canada]
  3. Mauro Donati – AC1DAC171A [Ephedrina] [Italy]
  4. Muflon Dub Soundsystem – What A Ting Dub [Dubophonic] [Cyprus]
  5. Hummingbird – Fuillemort Dub feat. Aki Mittoo [Green Beats] [Mexico]
  6. Subset – Crown of Dust [The Dub Factory] [Australia]
  7. Gravity Zero – Cognative Dissonance [Tempus Records] [USA]
  8. Cos Mozz – 5G is a Weapon [Orion Network] [Chile]
  9. Mas&Delayer – Goofy [Noisybeat] [Italy]
  10. Owen Ni – Rainforest Loop (Original Mix) [Run On Recordings] [USA]
  11. BTB – SynthesizerI Am [Enough Records] [Portugal]
  12. Secret Archives of the Vatican – The Great Heathen Army [Broken Drum Records] [England]
  13. Da Iguana – 8-bits Pantera Cumbiera [Cabalitto] [Spain]
  14. Mikal Lillo-Stenberg – Vilja [Mars Melons] [Norway]
  15. Garpo – Domper [Temiong Recordings] [Argentina]
  16. Marc Burt – Elements 2016 (Psychadelik Pedestrian chillout remix ) [Toucan Music] [UK]
  17. Lee Rosevere – Telecom (12- extended remix) [Happy Puppy Records] [Canada]

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PCP#430… White Out…!

PCP#430... White Out...!

with tracks by….    Francesco Burchini, Swami, Exit Project, Dubmatix, Dammy, ReWill, Every Night You Will Think, M-Pex, Makrox, BTB, Good Natured Threat, Dreadsquad, 201 Soundsystem, Dark Patrick, Atomique P.tah Con, Source1, Subactive, El Fata
  1. Soldier On (Featuring Dammy), by ReWill . San Francisco, California, USA. [Story Amp]

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