PCP#726… Sounds of Indonesia….

Sounds of Indonesia… with tracks by…The Frankenstone, Dubyouth Soundsystem, Alvin Baskoro, Bottlesmoker, Rangga Purnama Aji, Alsoo, Belkastrelka, Zoo, Dom 65, Roadblock Dub Collective, Push and Play, Pasukan Penjaga Pohon, Prontaxan, Elegi, Knurd Hamsun, Wreck, Titiek Sandora

  1. The Frankenstone – Spend Away [YesNoWave]
  2. Dubyouth Soundsystem – Love To C Ya Dance [YesNoWave]
  3. Alvin Baskoro – Beranjak [Barokah]
  4. Bottlesmoker – Circum Pacific [23 seconds]
  5. Rangga Purnama Aji – Banyan Tree [Watch Pineapple Press]
  6. Alsoo – Red Wine [Kanal30]
  7. Belkastrelka – Agen Gosip [Yes No Wave]
  8. Zoo – Ahr-Taba [Yes No Wave]
  9. Dom 65 – Shine On You Crazy Diamond [YesNoWave]
  10. Roadblock Dub Collective – Ngelajau Dub (Tahtim Mix) [Dubophonic]
  11. Push and Play – My Bedroom [Bump Foot]
  12. Pasukan Penjaga Pohon – Undangan Party [ripstore.asia]
  13. Prontaxan – Kekuasaan [Yes No Wave] [Indonesia]
  14. Elegi – Rindu Yang Kita Tangisi [Lemara Kota]
  15. Knurd Hamsun – Haunt Me [Barokahr]
  16. Wreck – Tanpatuan [YesNoWave]
  17. Titiek Sandora – Mimpi Diraju [YesNoWave]

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PCP#449… Wandering…!

Wandering… With Tracks By…Skimmer, Finnian, Ichman, Wicked Dub Division, DJ Delay, Thomas Prime, Yiev, Moon Veil, Ebere, Backdraft, DRTHVDR, Jahdan Blakkamoore, Indidginus, Dub Addiction meets Khmer Rockers Uptown, Louis Lingg and the Bombs, The Dalai Lama Rama Fa Fa Fa, Wolfgun, Dubyouth Soundsystem.

PCP#449... Wandering...!
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  1. Ustunde, by DJ Delay . Berlin, Germany.
  2. Angel Dust, by Moon Veil. Palmerston, Canada. [Soon to come on Angel Dust Records ]
  3. On My Own, by Louis Lingg and the Bombs. Paris. France. [A tribute to Crocodile God]
  4. Ghost Catcher, by Wolfgun. USA. [Bandcamp]

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