The Dub Zone is Charting at Hearthis.At….

Here’s a nice surprise to start the week. The Dub Zone appears to be doing rather well in the ranking at I’ve never really had much traction with the streaming services mixcloud or before so it’s rather nice to see that change.

Good to see that the mighty Saetchmo and Blogrebellen maintain their positions though! Big up the Berlin Massive!

TDZ#207… Smilee Dub ….. is #4 of the weekly Dub ranking:

#1 Roots Easter Mashup VOL4-Dj Ariffix(0790858430) by Ariffix KE
#2 Echochamber 371 mit Delaydi (18.04.19) by Saetchmo
#3 Djanzy – Unterwasser Dub (Sunday Joint) by Blogrebellen
#4 TDZ#207… Smilee Dub ….. by Pete Cogle’s Podcast Factory
#5 [email protected] (early preview) by 9ooolux

Complete list online:

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Also available at Mixcloud, and YouTube

Did you know that my podcasts are now available at Mixcloud, and even YouTube?

Sometimes they’re even available before they come online at or in iTunes.  I know….. sneaky isn’t it?


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