PCP#570… Asphalt. Netlabel Day 2018: Part 3….

Asphalt. Netlabel Day 2018: Part 3…….with tracks by … Lee Rosevere, The Charlie’s Jacket, GLD8TRZ, CVVV, Leona de Ethiopia, Dub Dillah, ee7a, Pixelated Fantasies, Vitra Kelinci Pohon, Trvekvli, Jelodee, Fok Electrochongo, Mefedronowy Baron, Sevensy, Hypercube, Ogie.

Find out more about Netlabel Day at http://netlabelday.blogspot.com/

  1. Telecom (12″ extended remix), by Lee Rosevere. Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.  [Happy Puppy Records]
  2. Chicken, by The Charlie’s Jacket. Buenos Aires, Argentina. [Central Electrica Discos]
  3. GreatEscape, by GLD8TRZ. Maine, USA. [BlocSonic]
  4. Miniatura (Android remix), by C/VVV. Santiago, Chile. [Pueblo Nuevo]
  5. Causa Justa (feat. Leona de Ethiopia), by Dub Dillah. Mexico. [Green Beats]
  6. Fairground, by ee7a. [Enough Records]
  7. Jazzhopper, by Pixelated Fantasies. Jacksonville, USA. [Amblis]
  8. Percuma Kita Bukan Jakarta (feat. Vitra Kelinci Pohon), by Trvekvli and Jelodee. Indonesia. [Ripstore.Asia]
  9. Sentirnos Molestos, by Fok Electrochongo. Buenos Aires, Argentina. [Solo le Pido a Dior]
  10. La Petite Bourgeoisie (Quebonafide diss), by Mefedronowy Baron. Warszawa, Poland. [Cowshed Records]
  11. Winters Deep, by Sevensy. Bulgaria. [Mahorka]
  12. Asphalt Metadata, by Hypercube. London, England. [Ephedrina]
  13. Hertzfuq2, by Ogie. London, England. [E..LM. Collective]

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PCP#535… Esoteric Dance (Netlabel Day 2017, Part 4)…

Esoteric Dance…with tracks by …Nosilla Musicales, Mefedronowy Baron, Heskin Radiophonic, Kid Cala, Palsekam, Adori Office, Ethers, Aerologic, Psychadelik Pedestrian, Um, Tyrantbane, N’toko, BeatMyth, JM.

  1. Salvaje Agosto, by Nosilla Musicales. Mexico. [Nacion Libre]
  2. Buty Yeezy (Instrumental), by Mefedronowy Baron. Warsaw, Poland. [Cowshed]
  3. Fragment Dub, by Heskin Radiophonic. UK. [Fwonk]
  4. Bangu, by Kid Cala. Madrid, Spain. [Cabalitto]
  5. People in The Sink, by Palsekam. [Nenormalizm Records]
  6. Two Ships, by Adori Office. Budapest, Hungary. [Weakie Disks]
  7. The Nothing, by Ethers. Krasnodar, Russia. [Southern City’s Lab]
  8. Drones (Aerologic remix), by Psychadelik Pedestrian. UK. [Toucan]
  9. Esoteric Dance, by Um. Russia. [MNMN]
  10. Despot, by Tyrantbane. The Cronx, England. [Broken Drum Records]
  11. G Minor (feat. N’toko), by BeatMyth. Ljubljana, Slovenia. [Kamizdat]
  12. Situation Awareness, by JM. Madrid, Spain. [Artico Netlabel]

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PCP#519… One Second More…

One Second More….with tracks by …Mochipet , Benjimanji, Mefedronowy Baron, Rui, Dysphemic, Kimo Watanabe & Rebel Zion, The Special Pillow, The Shimmer Effect, David Starfire, Massimo Ruberti.

  1. Princess Monomenoke, by Mochipet. Daly City, USA. [Bandcamp]
  2. Mr Yamagachu, by Benjimanji. USA. [FMA, Folk]
  3. Beka, by Mefedronowy Baron[Cowshed]
  4. Answers to unasked questions, by Rui. Berlin, Germany. [FMA, Ambient]
  5. Anatoli (feat. Yiani Treweeke), by Dysphemic. Blue Mountains, Australia. [Gravitas Recordings]
  6. Guide Us, by Kimo Watanabe & Rebel Zion. Salt Lake City, USA.
  7. An Overwhelming No, by The Special Pillow. Hoboken, USA. [FMA, Indie]
  8. Sicknote, by The Shimmer Effect. South Africa. [Big Wave Records]
  9. Na Hearn (feat. Gonlao), by David Starfire. Los Angeles, USA. [Bandcamp]
  10. Metal Talking Artifact Box, by Massimo Ruberti. Livorno, Italy. [FMA, Experimental]

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PCP#497… Octarine Time (Netlabel Day 2015 Special #1)…..

Octarine Time (Netlabel Day Special #1)…with tracks by… No Human, Los Mostachos, Luksusowy Seba, Mefedronowy Baron, Madoka, Distilled Logic, False Sir Nicholas, La Ragazzina dai Capelli Rossi, Ickoo, U-235.

On July 14, every single netlabel around the world is invited to join us in the first Netlabel Day ever. Find out more at http://netlabelday.blogspot.co.uk

  1. Systematic, by No Human. Madrid, Spain. [Soisloscerdos]
  2. Where the Words Come From, by Los Mostachos. Buenos Aires, Angentina.  [Estampita]
  3. Hajs (feat. Luksusowy Seba), by Mefedronowy Baron. Poland. [Cowshed]
  4. Explore, by Madoka. Japan. [Label Netlabel]
  5. Bio Machine One, by Distilled Logic. Worthing, England. [Pilot Eleven]
  6. Octarine Pathways, by False Sir Nicholas. Filomena Island, Chile. [Pakapi]
  7. Anzi per scherzo, by La Ragazzina dai Capelli Rossi. Bologna, Italy. [Diavoletto]
  8. Reykjavik, by Hungria. Buenos Airis, Argentina. [TZKATZ]
  9. Noncompliant: The Kelly Thomas Murder, by Ickoo. Huntington Beach, USA. [Briokids]
  10. Aeon-307 (Damaged, Mutated and Evolved), by U-235. [Chillproductions]

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PCP#497… Octarine Time (Netlabel Day 2015 Special #1)…..2022-05-23T10:46:07+00:00
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