PCP#752… Sandstorm…

Sandstorm… with tracks by…Flembaz, Sami Konzo, Dardi, Drugstore, Acidave, Othyr, Soidaze, QuarsssEkho, Langax, Deepfake, Alter-Z, Krzho, Risssing

  1. 00:00  Flembaz – Lucky 7 [Blind Arc]
  2. 07:15  Sami Konzo – Forest [Phonocake]
  3. 13:02  Dardi – Dodge [Digital Diamonds]
  4. 18:13  Drugstore – Hope (Krzho’s Never Give Up Remix) [Bleepsequence]
  5. 26:24  Acidave – More Acid For Old Men [Digital Distortions]
  6. 34:55  Othyr – Southern Slang [Jumpsuit Records]
  7. 41:29  Soidaze – Velvet Frost [Balanced Records]
  8. 45:29  QuarsssEkho – Your Cloud (Risssing’s Inferno) [MNMN]
  9. 49:14  Langax – Void [Soislocerdos]
  10. 54:41  Deepfake – Technology [StoryAmp]
  11. 58:37  Alter-Z – IInspire [MNMN]

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PCP#558… Black Room…

Black Room….with tracks by …Daisy Mortem, Dreams Beat, UnSuB, Nanaki, Zapa, Ultramerda, Deltahedron, Risssing, Volo, Thousand Yard Prayer, Sergey Kolesnikov, Revolution Void, Dead Bronco.

  1. L’amour, le SIDA, by Daisy Mortem. Bordeaux, France. [Coma Recordz]
  2. Lis, by Dreams Beat. Moscow, Russia. [Echoes Sound Collection | 45 Echoes Sounds]
  3. The Dawn, by UnSuB. UK. [Soundcloud]
  4. What Could Have Been, by Nanaki. Isle of Man. [Bandcamp]
  5. Beiramar, by Zapa. Coruña, Spain/ London, England. [Vulpiano Recordz]
  6. Con tutto l’odio che posso, by Ultramerda. Casazza, Italy. [Mizou]
  7. Coal, by Deltahedron. UK. [Electron Emitter]
  8. Wind, by Risssing. Russia. [MNMN]
  9. Drifter, by Volo. San Diego, USA. [Gravitas]
  10. Twelve Years a Mamluk, by Thousand Yard Prayer. The Cronx, England. [Broken Drum Records]
  11. Black Room, by Sergey Kolesnikov. St. Petersburg, Russia. [USC]
  12. Line of Flight, by Revolution Void. Seattle, USA. [FMA]
  13. Lord Call Me Home, by Dead Bronco. USA/Europe. `[Death Roots Syndicate]

This podcast is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International (CC-NT-NC-ND 4.0) License 

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