PCP#742… Visions…

Visions… with tracks by…Clark Naito, J B Kings, Orgonon Sound Machine, High Step Society, Cold Water Swimmers, Rorschack, Seine, Fields Ohio, Fryvolic Art, Spookyfish, Kanka & Art-X, Renards de Renom, Zoolook

  1. Clark Naito – Talking Dentaku [Gorge]
  2. J B Kings – CheckMate [RDX Promo]
  3. Orgonon Sound Machine – Pattern 1 [Soisloscerdos]
  4. High Step Society – Moonlight Creep [Gravitas]
  5. Cold Water Swimmers – Everything We’ve Ever Had We’ve Had to Fight For [Puffer Fish Press]
  6. Rorschack – Shanghai Blues [Jumpsuit Records]
  7. Seine – Peripetija [Bandcamp]
  8. Fields Ohio – Little Olive Talisman Tree [Bandcamp]
  9. Fryvolic Art – Twinkle Twinkle Little Scar [Bonimedia]
  10. Spookyfish – Afraid of Water (DSRPTV Remix) [DSRPTV Rec]
  11. Kanka & Art-X – Visions [ODG]
  12. Renards de Renom – Comète [La Souterraine]
  13. Zoolook – Soul Rebel [RDX Promo]

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PCP#741… Broken Glass…

Broken Glass… with tracks by…Orchestra Gold, Spectateur, Cheese N Pot-C, TangerineCat, 88756, Resplandor, Seine, The Virginmarys, David Matias, Lunavela, Shooting Daggers, Ksanti, Rorshack

  1. Orchestra Gold – Lemuru [NYP Records]
  2. Spectateur – Only You [The French Connection]
  3. Cheese N Pot-C – I Do My Thing (feat. CM aka Creative) [Blocsonic]
  4. TangerineCat – Molfar [Bandcamp]
  5. 88756 – Limbo [Bandcamp]
  6. Resplandor – Tristeza [Anemos Promotions]
  7. Seine – Slicnost [Bandcamp]
  8. The Virginmarys – The Meds [Puffer Fish Press]
  9. David Matias – June [Bandcamp]
  10. Lunavela – You Know Who You Are, You Know How I Feel [Soundcloud]
  11. Shooting Daggers – Liar [Fat Drop]
  12. Ksanti – First Star [ODG]
  13. Rorshack – Find a Way (feat. Emma Fisher Smith) [Jump Suit Records]

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PCP#737… Desert Skies….

Desert Skies… with tracks by… The Polish Ambassador, Azu Tiwaline, Mdou Moctar, Sei Still, Yemanjo, Cromattista, Dva Dereva, Crazy Baldhead, Seine, Muflon Dub Soundsystem, Hello Yes, Irony

  1. The Polish Ambassador – Shades of of Victory (Comic Mix) [Jumpsuit Records]
  2. Azu Tiwaline – Berbeka [Bandcamp]
  3. Mdou Moctar – Ibitlan [Sahel Sounds]
  4. Sei Still – Extrarradio [Bandcamp]
  5. Yemanjo – The Endless Now [Jumpsuit Records]
  6. Cromattista – Las nubes [Salladillo Discs]
  7. Dva Dereva – Wind In The Desert [Side-Line Magazine]
  8. Crazy Baldhead – No Fun [Happy People Records]
  9. Seine – Rijec [Bandcamp]
  10. Muflon Dub Soundsystem – Journey Goes Dub [Dubophonic Records]
  11. Hello Yes – Moon Cloud [Gravitas Recordings]
  12. Irony – Grey Sky [Inunct Music]

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PCP#639… Songs for Sleepless Lovers….

Songs for Sleepless Lovers…with tracks by… Wonderflu, Aleckat, Voi Vang, Leg Puppy, Dakha Brakha, GROA, Fm Outt, Colour Me Wednesday, OX, Seine, Smooth Genestar, Minds of Infinity, Federico de Gennaro, Volfoniq, Kh3rtis.

  1. Tease You, by Wonderflu. Paris, France. [Wonderflu] [Bandcamp]
  2. Dark Moon, by Aleckat. Australia. [Dark Moon EP] [DigitalDiamonds]
  3. Tears (feat. Voi Vang), by Leg Puppy. London, England. [Non Disclosure Agreement] [Bandcamp]
  4. Yagydku (Sahaleï Edit), by Dakha Brakha. Toronto, Canada / Ukraine. [Dream Culture]
  5. Ocean is Amber, by GRÓA. Iceland. [GRÓA] [Post-Dreifing]
  6. Incomplete Kisses, by Fm Outt. Novosibirsk, Russian Federation. [MNMN LOVE] [MNMN]
  7. Exposure, by Colour Me Wednesday. England. [Counting Pennies in the Afterlife] [Bandcamp]
  8. UrL0ve, by OX. Russia. [MNMN LOVE] [MNMN]
  9. Nebo, by Seine. Zagreb, Croatia. [22] [Bandcamp]
  10. Music for Sleepless Cities, by Smooth Genestar. Wuppertal, Germany. [Music for Sleepless Cities] [CYAN]
  11. DNA Activation Sequence, by Minds of Infinity. Rapid City, South Dakota, USA. [Eyes of Infinity] [Ektoplazm]
  12. Skango Dos (feat. Federico de Gennaro), by Volfoniq. Montpellier, France. [Dub Tentacles Vol.2] [Fresh Poulp]
  13. Wychwood, by Kh3rtis. Hanoi, Vietnam. [Ebbs, Flows & Solos]

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