PCP#732… Sounds of The Ukraine!….

Sounds Of The Ukraine!… with tracks by… The Sterns, Art Electronix, Dakha Brakha, Gosprom, Krizis Bit, Tangerinecat, ArtJumper, Pleso, DaDa Cat, Pandub Bear, Soda Ocean, Artem Bemba, Yeyo, Says It Loud, Shanti People, PlusStepper, Olexa Kabanov, Vultures, Redco And Raggasapiens, AleX Tune

  1. The Sterns – Did You Get It [Jamendo]
  2. Art Electronix – Digital Venom [MNMN]
  3. Dakha Brakha – Erzeroum (Sahaleï Edit) [Dream Culture]
  4. Gosprom – Mehanica [Clinical Archives]
  5. Krizis Bit – Heat
  6. Tangerinecat – I Don’t Want to Be a White Master
  7. ArtJumper – Fall Into the Sky [Geometry Recordings]
  8. Pleso – Veranda [Ultravague]
  9. DaDa Cat – Gypsy Queen [Ringe Raja Records]
  10. Pandub Bear  – Backmasking [Trippin’ The Rift]
  11. Soda Ocean – Mr. Smile [Ultravague]
  12. Artem Bemba – Respiratory Waves [SCL]
  13. Yeyo – Ballada [Ultravague]
  14. Says It Loud – Irregular Things [Bonimedia]
  15. Shanti People – Bolo Krishna
  16. PlusStepper – UA Reggae Massive ft. MC N.E.D. (Raggasapiens) [ODG]
  17. Olexa Kabanov – Sufis Ode
  18. Vultures – Say To You [Ultravague]
  19. Redco And Raggasapiens – Syla Dobra! [Soundcloud]
  20. AleX Tune – Your Bunny Rave  WSicko Remix [Sociopath]

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PCP#495… Phosphenes…..

Phosphenes…with tracks by… Bolo, Dubvirus., Soda Ocean, Death By Toaster, Lou Kastro, Dubreiser, Natural Magic, Marta Mansilla , Bass Culture Players, Savier.

  1. Mahini Me, by Bolo. USA. [StoryAmp]
  2. Phosphenes, by Dubvirus. Boulder, USA. [Gravitas]
  3. Mr. Smile, by Soda Ocean. Odessa, Ukraine. [Ultra Vague]
  4. Eat Your Money, by Death By Toaster. Reykjavik, Iceland / Stockholm, Sweden[StoryAmp]
  5. Must Have a Plan (feat. Lou Kastro), by Dubreiser. Oslo.[Paproota]
  6. Cosmic Power, by Natural Magic. [Soundcloud]
  7. Meditation Rock, by Marta Mansilla & Bass Culture Players. Madrid, Spain. [Bandcamp]
  8. Pride Of Hoodlums, by Savier. UK. [Section 27]

This podcast is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 Unported License.

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