Fall Induction Hour…..

If, like me, you never liked the Fall when you were younger, but started to appreciate their music later in life then here’s my 16-track mix to get you started.Available only on Mixcloud.

  • 00:00:00  Touch Sensitive, The Marshall Suite
  • 00:03:06  Just Step S’ways , Hex Enduction Hour
  • 00:06:25  The Birmingham School Of Business School, Code Selfish
  • 00:12:43  Behind The Counter, Middle Class Revolt
  • 00:15:50  Totally Wired, Grotesque After The Gramme
  • 00:19:13  Barmy, This Nation’s Saving Grace
  • 00:24:31  Rowche Rumble, Dragnet
  • 00:28:29  Hey! Student, Middle Class Revolt
  • 00:32:54  Psycho Mafia, Live at the Witch Trials
  • 00:35:04  Telephone Thing, Extricate
  • 00:39:02  The Joke, Cerebral Caustic
  • 00:41:44  Blindness, Fall Heads Roll
  • 00:49:01  Lie Dream Of A Casino Soul, Slates
  • 00:59:09  The Man Whose Head Expanded, Perverted by Language
  • 00:56:23  Lay of The Land, The Wonderful And Frightening World Of The Fall
  • 01:00:53  Wolf Kidult Man, Imperial Wax Solvent
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