PCP#609… New Harvest… Netlabel Day 2019 (Part 4 of 4)…

New Harvest… Netlabel Day 2019 (Part 4 of 4)…with tracks by … United Harvest Workers Union, Plebah, Unchained Zebra, Half-Lifer, Beto Brown, Leo from Rio, Subset, Plasmat, Maquinistas, Miguel Canel, Visen-B, Rowan Jane, Frequency Decree, Whalt Thisney.

Find out more about Netlabel Day 2019 at http://netlabelday.blogspot.com

  1. New Has Come, by United Harvest Workers Union. Pittsburgh, USA. [Zap Records]
  2. #8, by Plebah. Thessaloniki, Greece. [Kontingent Records]
  3. Same Is The World, by Unchained Zebra. Macedonia. [OMEAC]
  4. Under, by Half-Lifer. Turku, Finland. [Terranean Recordsings]
  5. Banze (feat. Beto Brown), by Leo from Rio. Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. [Latino Resiste!]
  6. Carapace, by Subset. Brisbane, Australia. [The Dub Factory]
  7. Black Horses, by Plasmat. Palermo, Italy. [Nostress]
  8. 2, by Maquinistas. [Barbatruco Producciones]
  9. El Oso, by Miguel Canel. Buenos Aires, Argentina. [Minima Discos]
  10. Multiverdub, by Visen-B. Mexico. [Greenbeats]
  11. Organizer, by Rowan Jane. Santiago, Chile. [MIST]
  12. Kawaii, by Frequency Decree. [Nul Tiel Records]
  13. Deceptive, by Whalt Thisney. Lisbon, Portugal. [Batenim]

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PCP#498… Deep Sky (Netlabel Day 2015 Special #2)…..

Big Sky (Netlabel Day Special #s)…with tracks by… Bit Laden, Frech And Koch, Sraczka Dziwaczka, Keshan Maslak, Hologramma, Bengalfuel, Unchained Zebra, Radical Shit, Suero, Volunteer.

On July 14, every single netlabel around the world is invited to join us in the first Netlabel Day ever. Find out more at http://netlabelday.blogspot.co.uk

  1. Dia Mundial Del Odio, by Bit Laden. Madrid, Spain. [AFA Amalgamated Futureless Artists]
  2. Deep Sky, by Frech And Koch. Freiburg, Germany. [DigitalDiamonds]
  3. Zicke!, by Sraczka Dziwaczka. Poland. [Weakie Discs]
  4. Bukowski In Love, by Keshavan Maslak. Detroit, USA. [Muteant Sounds]
  5. Upcoming Empire, by Hologramma. Brighton, USA. [Jacobino Discos]
  6. From Natural Causes, by Bengalfuel. USA. [Subterranean Tide]
  7. Find It (Dub), by Unchained Zebra. Deelat, USA. [OMEAC]
  8. NBR, by Radical Shit. [Brusio Netlabel]
  9. CDA, by Suero. Madrid, Spain. [Artico]
  10. Our Only Home, by Volunteer. USA. [Run on Recordings]

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I’m raising money for a Children’s Cancer Charity.

Between Friday 27th and 29th September a bunch of us will be Swooving for 40 hours for 40 different charities.

I shall be Swooving for 10 hours and my chosen charity is Chestnut Tree House, which provides care for children and young people with life-shortening conditions, and their families.

To Swoove means to Sing, Whoop and Move. It’s a great physical and mental excercise and keeps me sane in an otherwise insane world.

If you have heard my podcasts, and have a couple of pounds, dollars, euros, or any other currency spare then please consider donating HERE to the cause. The last time I asked for sponorship was back in 2013, so I don’t ask everyday.