Who Is Pete Cogle?


Pete Cogle

So you’ve just landed on this page and you’re wondering “who the hell is this Pete Cogle bloke?

Well he’s probably best known as being a podcaster. If you click on the pages PC Podcast, The Dub Zone, The Dub Step Zone, The Hip Hop Zone for example, you’ll see a page with a music player and a couple of links for an RSS feed and iTunes, if you want to download the podcasts to your MP3 player.

PC PodcastThe Dub ZoneThe Dub Step ZoneThe Hip Hop Zone

He’s was also an important part of the Association of Music Podcasting between May 2006 and February 2012 and is still an active member of the Made In The UK podcast collective.

Association Of Music PodcastingMade In The UK

Outside of podcasting he’s just a normal bloke really:  husband & father of a son and daughter. Although originally trained as a geophysicist, he moved into IT and has worked for a couple of big software houses.

He’s never worked in Campus Radio, Hospital Radio or any other types of Radio. He’s never been a DJ (although he’d like to give it a try) and although he dabbles with playing the guitar and the drums, he’s never been in a band.

He started podcasting because he’s always liked great music and sharing it with his friends. If he’s in any doubt whether or not he should play a track he asks himself “what would John Peel do?“. This, invariably means the track gets played, whether it’s in a foreign language or just plain weird. He’s sure John Peel’s up there nodding in approval.

He’s met a lot of good mates through podcasting. If you like what he does then drop him a line at pete.cogle@gmail.com, follow him on twitter, or become a friend on facebook.

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  10 Responses to “Who Is Pete Cogle?”

  1. hi pete this is a new podcast on soundcloud from the Hustlerz, Inc. label. thanks for your support on our new single “2 live another day” by Born 2 B, out monday on CD and Digital download from Itunes, Amazon, and all good record stores. Anything else you need, please feel free to drop us a line at hustlerzinc@btinternet.com. we hope you enjoy the show, dubstep galore! with a hint of Skap.

  2. Thank you very much for gathering great music.
    I really enjoy your podcasts.
    Michael -Z

  3. thanks for including one of my tracks! :)


  4. Dub reggae music is the shit…repsect to you Pete!!!!!!!!

  5. Hi Pete, great work. You’re an inspiration to this guitar playing geophysicist :)

  6. tnx 4 the music!

  7. Thanks for including somethimes my dub.
    Lionyard from Italy

  8. Hello Pete, I am very much interested in doing some podcasting of my own- any tips?

    • Hi Kirk,

      Glad to hear you’re interested in podcasting. Always good to have some fresh people on the scene. Here are my tips.

      1. Be passionate. No point in doing something you can’t be bothered about. You have to love what you do.
      2. You don’t need masses of equipment. A simple headset with built-in mic will do, and some free software like podproducer (windows), garageband (mac) or audacity (both) will do the job.
      3. You don’t need to sort of expensive hosting either. There are free hosts, such as mevio.com or archive.org which are great. With hosts like Mevio, they will also create your RSS feed for you.
      4. Are you interested in podcasting music? Remember it must be podsafe music, or you have to have a license and pay copyright (such as PRS). You can’t just play your favourite artists on a podcast and expect to get away with it.
      5. When you make mistakes introducing artists – keep them in – it makes you sound human. I rerecorded all my stuff in the early days and it sounds wooden. Now, I make mistakes all the time and people identify with me.
      6. Consider a co-host sometimes. A conversation, even an argument is sometimes more entertaining content.
      7. Here are some technical tips I’ve written for my fellow podcasters.
      8. Don’t expect to make any money. I made some sponsorship cash for a while, but it will not pay the mortgage!

      If you have any specific questions, let me know!


  9. I absolutely love your podcasts! They get me through my intense work outs at the gym and my friends are always asking me what in the world I’m listening to in my car! Luvs to you man…..keep bringing it!

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