PCP#435… Bring It On!

PCP#435... Bring It On!

Bring It On…with tracks by…. Louis Lingg and the Bombs, Nine Invisibles, Radiomaniac, Los Chicos Altos, Palo Q’Sea, Cheikh Lo, Wan Bushi, Alienação Afrofuturista, D-Solution, Salinas, Skala Collective, Spektah Gadjo, Toxic Chicken, Blacky B, Futuresounder, LTR.
  1. Bring It On, by Louis Lingg and the Bombs. Paris, France.
  2. Universe, by Nine Invisibles. Manchester, England. [Earth City Recordz]
  3. Gulliver (Side Effects Of Modern Psychotropic Substances), by Radiomaniac. Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, Russia. [Southern’s City Lab]
  4. Palenque Barcelona, by Los Chicos Altos Vs. Palo Q’Sea. Barcelona, Spain. [StoryAmp]
  5. Jamm, by Cheikh Lo. Senegal.
  6. Crazy Accordeon Conny Bitch, by Wan Bushi[RRR]
  7. Big Up (Remix) by Alienação Afrofuturista & D-Solution. Brazil. [Fresh Poulp]
  8. Infatuation, by DubDogMusic. Salinas, USA. [Soundcloud]
  9. Winter, by Skala Collective. Poland. [Clinical Archives]
  10. Breton Spook Dub, by Spektah Gadjo. Phantomville, France. [Soundcloud]
  11. Bad Bat Rave Cave, by Toxic Chicken. Bangkok, Thailand. [Soundcloud]
  12. Porta4Tuna, by Blacky B. Italy. [Dast Recordings]
  13. Supermodel 3001, by Futuresounder. Rostov City, Russia[SUBBASS]
  14. Ending, by LTR. [Bad Panda]

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H2Z#21… Out Of The Blue…

H2Z#21... Out Of The Blue...

Out Of The Blue…with Tracks by….. POST, Frenic, Flex Vextor, DJ Def Chad, C-Doc, Texture, J-K, Ciel Rouge, DJ Aslan, Sivion, Aayu.

This podcast is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 Unported License.

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TDZ#133… The Power of Dub…

TDZ#133... The Power of Dub...

The Power of Dub… Dub Charm…with tracks by… King Opossum, Earlyw~rm, Mind’s Eye Dub, Dubzoic, Ashley, Hotdrop, Mosienko Project , Analogue Mindfield, Incredible Dub Machine.

This podcast is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 Unported License

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PCP#434… Seeing Red!

PCP#434... Seeing Red!

Seeing Red!… with tracks by….Super Water Sympathy, Captain Planet, Los Chicharrons, M.C. Zulu, Dub Gabriel, Marla Mase, DubRaJah, Secret Archives of the Vatican, Louis Lingg and the Bombs, Aerologic, POST, Koby Israelite, R. Lobster, Tiburk, Dreadsquad, Cian Finn, Bella Ruse.
  1. Sunday School Dress,by Super Water Sympathy. Shreveport, Louisiana, USA. [In Music We Trust]
  2. Ma Do Nar (Captain Planet Remix), by Los Chicharrons. Barcelona, Spain. [StoryAmp]
  3. No Lies (feat. M.C. Zulu) by Dub Gabriel. San Francisco, USA
  4. Squirm, by Marla Mase. New York, USA. [Independent Music Promotions]
  5. Ungu-Jah, by DubRaJah. Russia. [Angel Dust Records]
  6. The Fall of the Second Ember (to the Water), by Secret Archives of the Vatican. The Cronx, England. [Earth City Recordz]
  7. Rave and Steal, by Louis Lingg and the Bombs. Paris, France.
  8. Electronaut, by Aerologic. [Toucan Music]
  9. Ferryman, by POST. Istanbul, Turkey. [Noiseist]
  10. Peckham Rai, by Koby Israelite. London, England. [StoryAmp]
  11. Seismology, R. Lobster. Rome, Italy. [Sirona]
  12. Here B4 (Originale Version), by Tiburk. St Etienne, France. [Fresh Poulp]
  13. Shamrock Jamrock, by Dreadsquad & Cian Finn. Lodz, Poland.[Soundcloud]
  14. Push On, by Bella Ruse. Minneapolis, USA.

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DSZ#60… Dub Fumes…

DSZ#60... Dub Fumes...

Dub Fumes…With Tracks by….. Batard Tronique., Sparxy & Intelligent Delinquent, Dynasty, Mantis, Tiburk, Budjunky, NiT GriT & Mochipet, Shu.

This podcast is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 Unported License.

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PCP#433… It’s All Gone Balkan!

PCP#433... It's All Gone Balkan!

It’s All Gone Balkan!…with tracks by….POST, Step High, IZMO, Spettah Gadjo, Jahdan Blallamoore, Dub Gabriel, John Brown’s Body, Nonchalant, Freddie Bruno, Sivion, Mahala Rai Banda, Jstar, Chip Tonic, Black Chamber, Dada Cat, Zainetica.

  1. Reset Me, by POST. Istanbul, Turkey. [Noiseist]
  2. Ice Circle, by Step High. Paris, France. [Soundcloud]
  3. Love Shackalak, by IZMO (Feat. B-52s). Marseille, France. [Maree Bass]
  4. French Seamen, by Spektah Gadjo. Phantomville, France. [Soundcloud]
  5. Save My City. by Symbols Of The West. San Francisco, USA. [Musebox]
  6. Vibes (Feat. Jahdan Blakkamoore), by Dub Gabriel. San Francisco, USA
  7. Old John Brown, by John Browns Body. USA. [Facebook]
  8. Marhaba, by Nonchalant. Manchester, England. [Soundcloud]
  9. Brand New Day (Remixed by Freddie Bruno) (feat. Ozay Moore, Consafos, DJ Aslan), by Sivion. Dallas, Texas. [Illect Recordings]
  10. Jstar, by Mahala Rai Banda vs Jstar. Bucharest, Romania. [StoryAmp]
  11. Tunnel (reEdit), by Chip Tronic. Hiedelberg, Germany. [SUBBASS]
  12. While My Guitar Gently Weeps, by Black Chamber. Portland, Oregon. [Cult Classic Records]
  13. Gypsy Queen, by DaDa Cat. Odessa, Ukraine. [Ringe Raja Records]
  14. The Watchers, by Zainetica. London, England. [ElpaMmuisc]
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