TDZ#205… Empire Dub…..

Empire Dub … with tracks by …. Dubsynaticx, Art-X, The Ligerians, Kanka, Messian Dread, The Heavy Soul, Skalator, Echo Vault, Med Dred.

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PCP#592… Demons….

Demons…. with tracks by … Brakes, Locomondo, Pass Pass, Fortuna Pop All-Stars, Yumenoma, Poranguí, Cabinet Of Millionaires, Demonic Sweaters, Darkfa, Shema, Liquid Stranger, Auditive Escape, Stan Dart.

  1. Porcupine or Pineapple, by Brakes. Brighton, England.
  2. Rembetiskank#9, by Locomondo. Athens, Greece.
  3. Tan Tan, by Pass Pass. Mino, Japan. [Tanukineiri Records]
  4. You Can Hide Your Love Forever, by Fortuna Pop All-Stars. London, England. [Fortuna Pop]
  5. A moon shaped pool, by Yumenoma. Japan. [February Records]
  6. Tonantzin, by Poranguí. Brazil/Mexico/USA. [StoryAmp]
  7. Theresa (original mix), by Cabinet Of Millionaires. Huddersfield, England. [Bandcamp]
  8. Tiny Helicopter, by Demonic Sweaters. New York, USA. [Anthill Recordings]
  9. Barbecue Nation, by Darkfa. Belgium.[StoryAmp]
  10. Exorcist Theme, by Shema
  11. I And I, by Liquid Stranger. Varberg, Sweden. [Candy Mind Records]
  12. Shorelake, by Auditive Escape. France. [Dusted Wax Kingdom]
  13. Berlin, by Stan Dart. Berlin, Germany. [Aural Films]

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PCP#591… Pining for the Fjords….

PCP#591… Pining for the Fjords….

Pining for the Fjords…. with tracks by … Do-Up, The Fighting Jamesons, Jordan Rakei, Sebon, Death by Delirium, Napz, Little Name, Secret Archives of the Vatican, R4, Merror, Jungle Boo, Liar’s Trial, Kamizdat.

  1. Hey Boy, by Do-Up. [Fusion Netlabel]
  2. A Song For Letting Go, by The Fighting Jamesons. Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA. [Bandcamp]– sent by Miles Hoyle- accordion
  3. Add The Bassline (ALX Bootleg), by Jordan Rakei. Brisbane, Australia/London, England. [Skalator Music]
  4. Track #77, by Sebon. Chicago, Illinois, USA. [Bump Foot]
  5. Dead Parrots, by Death by Delirium. Vienna, Austria. [Wilhelm show me the Major Label]
  6. Inner Vibes, by Napz. Nantes, France. [Bandcamp]
  7. Tracy and I, by Little Name. Liverpool, England. [Bandcamp]
  8. Remembering Machine, by Secret Archives of the Vatican. The Cronx, England. [Broken Drum Records]
  9. Smile, by R4. [Fusion Netlabel]
  10. Transformator, by Merror. Hamburg, Germany. [Zimmer Records]
  11. Budem Dymit (Riddim), by Jungle Boo. [Fusion Netlabel]
  12. Some People Just Need To Die, by Liar’s Trial. Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA. [Death Roots Syndicate]
  13. A Humanoid Individual- #303_2, by Kamizdat. Slovenia. [Kamizdat]

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10 years since Remembering Machine

I can’t believe it’s 10 years since one of my all-time favourite albums was released: Remembering Machine, by Secret Archives of the Vatican. How time has flown.

I remember getting my hands on the album for the first time. It was a cold winter’s night in Croydon, and was my first meeting with Vince Millett and Louis Counter, who form the core of the collective. I’d discovered their music online and was playing tracks from their Babylon Halt album, which had been 10 years in the making and I really enjoyed. I’d never actually met the guys in real life but we’d been chatting online and said we should meet up one day.

Vince was waiting on the corner just outside the pub and we both recognised each other immediately, being similarly “hirsute” and “well-toned”.  Vince has gone to live up to the well-toned moniker, whereas I still remain in “inverted commas”. On the way in to the pub he pressed a CD-R of Remembering Machine into my hands and said it was the new album. This was only 6 months after Babylon Halt, so I was surprised at the speed of its release, but I was interested in hearing it.

Vice, Louis and I got on like a house on fire and I’ve been a big fan of their music ever since.

I couldn’t listen to the album until I got home, but when I did I was a little surprised. This wasn’t “son of Babylon Halt”. It was weird. With glitchy beats and almost subsonic basslines. This was new territory for me. I’m not sure I liked it.

I persevered listening to it, and something changed. This album grew … and grew … and grew on me. Just like all the great albums I had listened to my life: Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon,  Joy Division’s Unknown Pleasures,  James’s Laid,  Massive Attack’s Mezzanine,  Leftfield’s Leftism  and Underworld’s Second Toughest in the Infants. These are all albums I’ve been unsure of, on first listening, but which still give goosebumps today. Part of the soundtrack of my life and I remember the day I got them vividly.

So, if you haven’t heard this album, then I implore you to get down to bandcamp and pick up your copy today. If not least, because it’s Vince’s birthday today, and it would be a fitting birthday present for him!  Go on!  You know you want to.  I promise you’ll not be disappointed.

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Soon everyone will be a Podcaster…

According to Murderous Maths, when Elvis Presley died in 1977, it’s estimated there were about 170 people impersonating him. This number grew and grew and in the year 2,000 it was estimated there were about 85,000 Elvis impersonators. And in 2043 that number is projected to be 9,447,645,907 ,which is roughly the projected poulation of the Earth.

There’s been a big increase in celebrities creating (or planning on creating) podcasts in the last few weeks.  Ralf Little, Susan Calman and David Tennant in just the last week.

When podcasting first started in 2004 there were very few UK podcasters. Rowley Cutler did Dark Compass, Richard Vobes did the Vobes Show and Green Gragon (aka Martin Devaughn) did Bytesize Bonus.  The first podcasts I heard were Tane Piper’s Tripcast Radio and Phil Coyne’s Bitjobs for the Masses, which inspired me to start PC Podcast.  Thankfully Rowley and I are still around, and we were both part of the podcast “revolution” that Podshow|Mevio were going to mastermind, but which eventually closed, along with the Podsafe Music Network.

After, what I consider to be a “low” period (2011 – 2016) when a lot of podcasting resources and podcasts closed down, leaving only the real enthusiasts|technicians to keep plodding away, we do seem to have a new resurgance.

I’m not expecting this resurgance to mean everyone will be a Podcaster and an Elvis Impersonator, as that would be some repetative content, but lets hope this new wave will be interesting!

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PCP#590… Eels on Cocaine….

Eels on Cocaine…. with tracks by … Helaku, Chicken Diamond, Mosquito Cabaret, Botanic Project, Zen, Cousin Silas, Glove Of Bones, Dom65, Anatoly Nikulin, Kirze, Ticoan, Million Ear, Gargoyle’s Numb End, Sami Konzo.

  1. Cylon Sun, by Helaku. Finland. [Coma Recordz]
  2. Deep Black Hole, by Chicken Diamond. France. [Death Roots Syndicate]
  3. River King, by Mosquito Cabaret. Norfolk, Virginia, USA. [Bandcamp]
  4. VTantse, by Botanic Project. Belarus. [Fusion Netlabel]
  5. Fini Maniri, by Zen.Zagreb, Croatia. [Wilhelm show me the Major Label]
  6. Silent Dubby Night II, by Cousin Silas & Glove Of Bones. England. [We Are All Ghosts]
  7. Gentho Kates, by Dom65.  Bangun, Indonesia. [Megavoid]
  8. The alien god and the dance of the evil spirits, by Anatoly Nikulin. Russia. [Lost Frog]
  9. Night Safari, by Kirze. Japan. [Nekura Kid Records]
  10. Balkan Tourist, by Ticon. Malmö, Sweden. [Fusion Netlabel]
  11. Picassos Penis, by Dorothy’s Magic Bag. Örebro, Sweden. [Candy Mind Records]
  12. Arp 299, by Gargoyle’s Numb End. Nîmes, France. [Pavillion 36]
  13. Belongs to Whale, by Sami Konzo. Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation. [Phonocake]

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PCP#589… Ambience….

Ambience…. with tracks by … Xenoton, Eisenlager, Siegfried Grundmann, Ansgar Stock, UnSuB, Getdizzzy, Jaime Munarriz, Abjective, Mixtaped Monk, Kellerkind Berlin

  1. Barri Gotici, by Xenoton. Germany. [tonAtom]
  2. Special Order (Mikrobiologische Aspekte ReMix), by Eisenlager With Siegfried Grundmann.Germany. [Studio 4632]
  3. Jedi Cruiser 188, by Ansgar Stock. Osnabrück, Germany. [Aural Films] – composed in 2016 when 7 years old
  4. Protomania, by UnSuB. UK. [Angel Dust Records]
  5. Mo, By Getdizzzy. Mexico. [Breathe Compilations]
  6. EraserEars GraduationDay, by Jaime Munarriz. Spain. [Exp-Net]
  7. Black Opal, by Abjective. Saint Petersburg, Russia. [tonAtom]
  8. Anticipation, by Mixtaped Monk. India. [Studio 4632]
  9. In Gedanken, by Kellerkind Berlin. Kissing, Germany. [Aural Films]

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