PCP#818… Mutations Festival 2023 Part 2…

Folklore Rooms
English Teacher
Just Mustard

Mutations Festival 2023 Part 2……with tracks by…Slate, Alien Chicks, Dust, Hotline TNT, Snooper, Hutch, Keg, Just Mustard, Maria Uzor, Vanity Fairy, Acid Klaus, Cat Rin, The Haunted Youth, Currls, Automotion, Girl and Girl, English Teacher, Another Sky

Saturday 4th November

  1. Slate – St Agatha [Folklore Rooms]
  2. Alien Chicks – Cowboy [The Prince Albert]
  3. Dust – Joy (Guilt) [The Prince Albert]
  4. Hotline TNT – I Thought You’d Change [The Hope and Ruin]
  5. Snooper – Pod [Chalk]
  6. Hutch – The Bow [The Latest Music Bar]
  7. Keg – Elephant [Chalk]
  8. Just Mustard – Still [Chalk]
  9. Maria Uzor – Ventolin [The Hope and Ruin]
  10. Vanity Fairy – He Can Be Your Lady [The Hope and Ruin]
  11. Acid Klaus (feat. Cat Rin) – Bethlehem of Bust [The Hope and Ruin]

Sunday 5th November

  1. The Haunted Youth – Teen Rebel [The Prince Albert]
  2. Currls – Family Man [The Prince Albert]
  3. Automotion – Heights of the Hermits [The Prince Albert]
  4. Girl and Girl – Dance Now [Dust]
  5. English Teacher – Nearly Daffodils [Chalk]
  6. Another Sky – A Feeling [Dust]

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ommons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International (CC-NT-NC-ND 4.0) License