PCP#793… The Great Escape 2023…

The Great Escape 2023…. three days of great music and great company…. with tracks by… Germein, Pacific Avenue, Reb Fountain, Mestizo, Bibi Club, The Heavy Heavy, Prima Queen, Islet, The Oozes, Moon Matess, Marina Herlop, Melin Melyn, Ill Considered, L’Eclair, Girl Scout, Amrit Kaur, Behind The Mask, ShunTA!, La Chinaca, The Scorpios


  1. Germein – Suitcase [North Laines Brewhouse]
  2. Pacific Avenue – Spin Me Like Your Records [Komedia Basement]
  3. Reb Fountain – Faithless Lover [North Laines Brewhouse]
  4. Mestizo – Goldmine [Jubilee Square]
  5. Bibi Club – Parasite [Green Door Store]
  6. The Heavy Heavy – Desert Raven (Jonathan Wilson Cover) [Amazon New Music Stage]
  7. Prima Queen – Butter Knife [Amazon New Music Stage]
  8. Islet – Geese [The Rose Hill]


  1. The Oozes – Cryin’ (Like a Baby) [Latest Music Bar]
  2. Moon Matess – Not Today [Patterns Upstairs]
  3. Marina Herlop – Shaolin Mantis [Horatios]
  4. Melin Melyn – Hold the Line [One Church]
  5. Ill Considered – Loosed [Caravansrrai]
  6. L’Eclair – Dallas [Caravanserai]
  7. Girl Scout – Monster [Prince Albert]


  1. Roundhouse Music Collective [The Hope and Ruin] ** No track in the podcast **
  2. Amrit Kaur – Five River Flow [Brighthelm]
  3. Behind The Mask – Behind The Mask [Brighthelm]
  4. The Scorpios [Brighthelm]
  5. ShunTA! – Siki Siki Baba + Ibrahim (Medley) [Caravanserai]
  6. La Chinaca – Sin Titúlo [Caravanserai]
  7. The Scorpios – Mashena (We Want) [Caravansrai]

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