PCP#805… Perspective…

Perspective……with tracks by…Hotel Art, Kwanba, Ayla Nereo, Deka Sul, The Polish Ambassador, Little Sheba And The Shamans, Noah and the Loners, Virtually J, Cat Ryan, Remote Guest List, Hyunji-A, Kiwa, Terranigma, Construktor, Rifhes

  1. Hotel Art – Raised On Television [Muso Soup]
  2. Kwanba – Supreme [RDX Promo]
  3. Ayla Nereo – Little Garden [Jumpsuit Records]
  4. Deka Sul, The Polish Ambassador – Scion [Bandcamp]
  5. Little Sheba And The Shamans – Wondrous Place [Muso Soup]
  6. Noah and the Loners – Protest Anger [YouTube]
  7. Virtually J – Rune Sequence (SpaceCherry Remix) [Mahorka]
  8. Cat Ryan – Like This [Muso Soup]
  9. Remote Guest List – Mesmeric (Dismo Remix) [Noisybeat]
  10. Hyunji-A – Fireflies at Dusk (Ric Niels Remix) [3rd Avenue]
  11. Kiwa – Metaphor [Gravitas]
  12. Terranigma – Resonance Cascade [Bandcamp]
  13. Construktor and Rifhes – Solaris [Techkilla]

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