PCP#800… Whirling…Netlabel Day 2023 Part 2…

Whirling…Netlabel Day 2023 Part 2……with tracks by…Mooth, Monopsia, Macchiato Funky, Xray Pop, Central, Girls On Fire, Economic Freedom Fighters, Ohad Slavin, Torsten Torsten, Iliaque, Markus Masuhr, otar, Floating Mind, MigloJE

  1. Mooth – Sweat [EdisonBox Records]
  2. Monopsia – Essential Transmission [Pertin-nce]
  3. Macchiato Funky – Vorticoso [La Bel Netlabel]
  4. Xray Pop – Duo Du Précipice (Alix Pilot Remix) [ODG]
  5. Central – Video op. [Nostress Netlabel]
  6. Girls On Fire – Dance Scene from ‘The Invokation of My Demon Love’ [Treetrunk Records]
  7. Economic Freedom Fighters – Afropessimismo [Transfusão Noise Records]
  8. Ohad Slavin – Hide [Digital Diamonds]
  9. Torsten Torsten – Arbeit oder Liebe [TorstenTorsten.de]
  10. Iliaque – Foraine [Enough Records]
  11. Markus Masuhr – Lost In The Forests [Insectorama]
  12. otar – Counter Measure [Digital Distortions]
  13. Floating Mind – CrystaLuv [Monokrak]
  14. MigloJE – Eyes full of sky part 1 [Khavi]

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PCP#566… No Escape….

No Escape…with tracks by … Dubioza Kolektiv, Alter-Z, Macchiato Funky, notforme!, Small Island Big Song, Airto, ProleteR, Jeris, Alzar-Drowl, Kingdom of the Holy Sun, Harzkrafthof, Lazy Legs, Thurst.

  1. No Escape From Balkan, by Dubioza Kolektiv. Bosnia and Herzegovina. [dubioza.org]
  2. Oh Yeah, by Alter-Z. Voronezh, Russia. [MNMN]
  3. Godere Supremo, by Macchiato Funky. Italy. [La Bel]
  4. Ludovican, by notforme! Petrozavodsk Russia. [SCL]
  5. Naka Wara Wara To’o (Small Island Mix), by Small Island Big Song. Solomon Islands. [StoryAmp]
  6. Soulful (drums version), by Airto. Moscow, Russia.  [MNMN]
  7. Not Afraid, by ProleteRToulouse, France. [Bandcamp]
  8. Blind Love Dub (feat. Kara Square), by Jeris. [ccmixter]
  9. Exo Voice, by Alzar-DrOwL. Russia. .[MNMN]
  10. Tomorrow Always Knows, by Kingdom of the Holy Sun. Seattle, Washington. [Bandcamp]
  11. Wat Shall Ik Di Noch Seggn, by Harzkrafthof. Berlin, Germany.[Bandcamp]
  12. Gloss, by Lazy Legs. Portland, Oregon, USA. [Bandcamp]
  13. Forever Poser, by Thurst. Los Angeles, USA. [Bandcamp]

This podcast is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International (CC-NT-NC-ND 4.0) License 

PCP#566… No Escape….2018-06-01T14:34:20+00:00
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