PCP#488… Love The Government…..

Love The Government… with tracks by… Abunai, SNC, ill Papa Giraffe, Dub Kirtan All Stars, Replikas, Missperception, Vuurwerk, Professor B.

PCP#488… Love The Government…..2018-04-20T12:44:43+00:00

DSZ#84… Dub Bassment…

Dub Bassment…with tracks by…. Quaro, Tactus , Dub Kirtan All Stars, Sacred Breath, Ktopp, SNC, Alphabets Heaven, Ghost Mutt, Fade Runner, Chtin Mara.

DSZ#84… Dub Bassment…2018-04-20T12:44:43+00:00

Suffolk ‘n’ Cool – 5 years old today!

Much applauding can be heard in the marshes today, as Peter Clitheroe, probably the most eastern podcaster in the UK, celebrates 5 years of his phenominal podcast Suffolk ‘n’ Cool.  Clithers has had some weird and wonderful music and guests on the show over the years (but enough about me!) and if you want to take a walk down memory lane then have a listen to SnC Episode 1.

It’s a little know fact that the reason Messers Clithers and Codger first became friends was because

  • Their initials are both PC
  • They started podcasting within a day of each other
  • They both played a track called Galatasaray, by The Maido Project, in the same week
  • So they met up for a beer (Adnams, naturally) in Southwold (possibly the first ever podcrawl)

…and the rest, as they say, is history.  Although their musical tastes haven’t always run true, Clithers still does manage the occasional “first play” of a track Codger had lined up for a future show!  Oh dear, dear, dear….

If you have a glass of Adnams nearby, please join me, raise it and salute our friend of around 1.9m and a cheery wave!  Happy Birthday SNC

Suffolk ‘n’ Cool – 5 years old today!2018-04-20T12:46:26+00:00
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