PCP#815… Cafe Time…

Cafe Time……with tracks by…Cat Ryan, Famara, The Psychotic Monks, Deka Sul, The Polish Ambassador, Owney The Postal Dog, Bantu ft Akua Naru, Pigeon, Beat Syndrome, Dardi, Gitkin, The Theater Fire, Nigel Mphisa, Jeuce, UZU, B4

  1. Cat Ryan – Mannerism [Bandcamp]
  2. Famara – Cafe¦ü Tilibo [N-Gage Productions]
  3. The Psychotic Monks – The Bad and the City Solution [Bandcamp]
  4. Deka Sul, The Polish Ambassador – Savannah [Jumpsuit Records]
  5. Owney The Postal Dog – Polygraph [Flowerpot Records]
  6. Bantu ft Akua Naru – Na Me Own My Body [NYP Records]
  7. Pigeon – Ikanabore [Bandcamp]
  8. Beat Syndrome – Tsunami [Forward Music]
  9. Dardi – Addict (Astro Pleasure Remix) [Digital Diamonds]
  10. Gitkin – Grand Street Feast [Bandcamp]
  11. The Theater Fire – Barrel Riders [Retrospective 2006]
  12. Nigel Mphisa – Plague [Planet Terror]
  13. Jeuce – Hard Butter [Bandcamp]
  14. UZU – شمس مظلمة (Dark Sun) [Bandcamp]
  15. B5 – Bonekan [Poli5]

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PCP#100… Babbling Halfwits….

Another chance to hear PCP#100. Recorded back in February 2007, myself and Mr Peter Clitheroe discuss a year of podcasting, drink a lot of beer and talk a load of old bollocks…..

This podcast is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike2.5 License

I mentioned Cornish Bagpipe Dub Reggae in this podcast. I’ve still never managed to get anyone to give it a try, but I did put this video together in March 2015 as a homage to the genre!

PCP#100… Babbling Halfwits….2018-08-18T20:59:59+00:00
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