Welcome to the second PC Podcast: another eclectic mix of music from around the world, broadcast from Lindfield, in the Heart of Mid Sussex.

If you like the show and would like to submit songs for future shows please email me at pete_cogle@hotmail.com

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Podcast 2 Playlist
1.Drowning by In So Far.
Some rock from the Sussex based band, who played at RE:VERB in Haywards Heath, just down the road from me. Downloaded from https://www.myspace.com/isf
2.Sonic Solution by Visionary Underground.
Asian Fusion Vibe from the London based technology driven soundsystem founded by DJ FeelFree and VJ Coco . Downloaded from the band’s website.
3. Woolley Bridge by Bromhead’s Jacket.
Another track from Sheffield’s Indie 3 piece. This track is from the EP “Surrey Girls and Samsung Ringtones” and was downloaded from https://www.savefile.com/
4. Fire Water by Fun-Da-Mental.
Bhangra style remix from the 2003 album “Voices of Mass Destruction”. Downloaded from the band’s website.
5. 12 Tribe Stylee by Mikey Dread.
Rub-A-Dub reggae from the renowned record producer. This one downloaded from his web site.