Welcome to PC Podcast #8.

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Podcast 7 Playlist

  • See you Again, by Supergene. 5 piece indie rock band from Carmarthen in Wales. Nice jukebox player plays more of their tracks on their website.
  • Is this Love?, by Clap Your Hands And Say Yeah! Cookie 5 piece indie rockers from Brooklyn and Philadelphia. Performing on 16th, 17th, 18th and 19th March at https://www.sxsw.com/.
  • Two solo tracks from John Jolley and Andrew Taylor who have now got together to form "The 24th of June". They’re based out of Norwich in the UK. I’ll be playing something from them on next week’s show, but first…..
  • The Local Lineup. I’m planning on making this a regular feature, showcasing local bands from, in, and around Sussex and Surrey.
    • Waterbased, by Summer Born Wild. A 3 piece from Eastbourne.
    • Owen Donovan on guitars and vocals
    • Craig Steadman on drums
    • Glenn McAndrew on bass, keyboards and backing vocals.
    • They have been together for just under a year and have produced two EP’s and have played live on Southern Counties Radio. They’re in the live final of the East Sussex battle of the bands, which is taking place at the Phoenix Arts Centre, in Hastings on the 18th March. The winner goes into the Virtual Festival National Download Charts.
    • They have a gig planned at the East Nightclub in Worthing on Sat April 1st and they’re also working on getting some distribution via downloads on iTunes and such like.
    • In the meantime checkout their jukebox player at their website https://www.summerbornwild.com/ for information about gigs and updates on the battle of the bands etc.
  • Alien Hive Theme, by Brand Violet. The first single from the London 4-piece from 2003. Great vocals..
  • The Love That I Crave, by The Blow. From K Records in Washington. Don’t know much more about the artist, except that her name is Khaela Maricich. The K Records web site has a number of artists with a nice audio player of eclectic songs.
  • Discontinued, by Nomo. Reggae, Dub, Jazzy grooves from the 8 piece band from Detroit, Michigan. The band are also playing On March 16th at https://www.sxsw.com/
  • The White Noise Inc, by Miss Black America. Nice indie rock sounds from Seymour Glass and Mathew Anthony from Bury St. Edmunds in Suffolk, UK.
  • Creative Ghost, by Xfile (remix with Greg Brooker, and featuring Mat Fraser). Closing the show with some acoustic guitar mixed into nice beats and breaks, from X-file a producer from London.

All the artists featured on this podcast have given permission for me to play their work, either because the pieces have been downloaded from the Podsafe Music Network, through Creative Commons Licenses, or directly via email.

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